Character » Varvara appears in 65 issues.

    An ancient demon who has taken the form of a young Russian girl. She is the former director of Russia's Special Sciences Service.

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    Varvara was originally part of a trinity of demons that had aided the Asiatic people in battle "for as long as men had placed faith in dark behind starts." During the early 1700s, this trinity was discovered in an ancient tome and summoned by Peter the Great's advisers to help him turn the tides against the Swedes in the Great Northern War. The demons' power granted Peter victory, but not without a price of course. As payment, the first demon took the lives of all of Peter's future sons so that his name could not live on; the second demon took his heart so that he would be filled with cruelty and bring only pain to anyone he came in contact with; and the third demon was to take his soul. However, as the first two demons took what they were owed, the third demon walked amongst the carnage of the battlefield and was captivated by the brutality that humans had wrought, and it decided to stay in the mortal world. The demon thus abandoned its bounty, which would also have been its passage back home.

    The demon thus wandered the earth for years, always changing its appearance, and in time even came "to dream as humanity dreams." Eventually the demon settled on the form of a young Russian girl and took the name Varvara. She aligned herself with the Soviet Union, eventually becoming the head of the Russian Special Sciences Service - largely for her own amusement.


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