Varric Tethras

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    Varric Tethras, Dwarfen marksman who often wields a customized crossbow known as Bianca.

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    Once from a noble family background, the House of Tethras, who lived in the underground city of Orzammar, his father's misdealing of financial matters brought shame and dishonor to Varric's families name. Varric himself is a native of Kirkwall. The youngest of two brothers, Varric has had a rocky relationship with his brother Bartrand. Despite his carefree and boisterous disposition and frequent tall tales, Varric secretly holds an important role maintaining a underground network within Kirkwall. He is especially fond of his crossbow Bianca.  


    Varric first appears in the Dragon Age franchise, created by BioWare. The successful franchise originated as a video game, with that video game spawning comic books. Varric in the medium of comics first appears in the Dark Horse Comics published Dragon Age: The Silent Grove. He appears in the first issue released in 2012.   

    Major Story Arcs

    Antiva City

    Varric along with King Alistair and pirate Isabela sneak into Antiva City where they are looking for important and sensitive information. Varric skillfully disarms all the traps set but misses an alarm during their venture into headquarters of the Antivan Crows, they are confronted by Prince Claudio Valisti. From there they head to Velabanchel, where Varric uses his crossbow to launch himself into the locked prison through a window although inadvertently alerting guards to their presence. Varric and Bianca and Isabela take the guards on while Alistair heads to his purpose of the visit. Isabela and Varric hold the guards off long enough for Alistair to locate and speak to an inmate. With new information the trio head to Tellari swamps. Their they encounter a high dragon, they temporarily fight it, Varric getting trapped by one of its powerful talons, before it is pacified by Yavana, daughter of Flemeth, and a witch of the wilds.   

    Tellari Swamps

    Varric observes Yavana speak to the high dragon, before sending it to away. She explains why it did not kill the three, before talking to Alistair cryptically. There is talk among the group of witches and Yavana's mother Meredith and her sister Morrigan. Varric threatens Yavana with Bianca before Alistair mentions his father prompting Yavana to guide them to the Silent Grove. The Silent Grove the witch explains is a safe haven for dragons. A place designed for their protection and safety. She goes on to explain that Alistairs father had been obligated after Meredith had saved his life many decades ago that he would one day visit the Silent Grove. Alistair wants more information, he demands to know where his father is now, questioning if Yavana killed him? She only replies that she did not and she offers no additional help, turning away and leaving.  

    Powers and Abilities

    A study member of the Dwarf race, Varric gets by with a customized and signature crossbow her has named Bianca. Created from wood and brass, it can fire an assortment of arrows, as well as housing a retractable bayonet. Bianca can be used as a grappling hook. Varric is extremely adept at discerning and disarming traps.

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