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    Varnae was the first vampire.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Varnae was the first vampire, and the Lord of the Vampires before Dracula. The title name has held a conflict between the two for generations. The character's name is a nod to Varney The Vampire, the literary precursor to Bram Stoker's famous vampire.

    Varnae taking over Night Terror's body
    Varnae taking over Night Terror's body

    He could only be killed by being exposed to sunlight, a wooden pole through the heart or being decapitated. Even when killed he can be resurrected by using the Darkhold.

    He was an ancient Atlantian sorcerer, before the legendary city sunk. He used the power of the Darkhold to become the first vampire.

    Varnae needed a new host body. Varnae chose the body of Blade, the Vampire Slayer. Yet, Blade saw it differently. So out of desperation Varnae used his servant the Night Terror as his vessel of rebirth. So Varnae now possess Night Terror's body.

    Powers and Abilities

    Varnae has the standard vampire powers, although enhanced since he is the first vampire. He also has the ability to control or possess any vampire.

    As Lord of the Vampires, Varnae has the ability to control almost all vampires on the planet. Exceptions include those with extraordinary willpower (sufficient to resist) and those not actually descending from his line (Morbius "strange" vampires). Varnae is c. 21,000 years old. Only religious symbols predating himself are sufficient to hurt him. He is vulnerable to incantations of pre-cataclysmic gods but immune to "modern" religious symbols such as crosses.

    Varnae has super strength, able to lift c. 7 tons while in his own body. He has size-changing powers, able to grow his form up to 25 feet. He can not shrink below 10 feet in height. He has shapeshifting and telepathic powers, though their extent is unknown

    In addition he is a skilled sorcerer, . As a former Darkholder, Varnae has access to the powers and spells of Chthon. He was a "Prince of Sorcerers" when alive. Uncertain how he ranks among modern magic users.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 10'
    • Weigth: 475 lbs.
    • Hair: Green
    • Eyes: Red

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