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    Vaporizer is one of the five Phlebiac Brothers, including Violator, Vindicator, Vacillator, and Vandalizer. He is also a foe of Spawn.

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    Vaporizer is the largest of the five Phlebiac Brothers. He has six green eyes and two large spikes on his back similar to Violator's. Vaporizer is also the dumbest of the brothers but is still a mighty foe.


    Vaporizer was made by writer Alan Moore and artist Bart Sears and made his first appearance in Violator# 1 in 1994.

    Major Story Arcs


    Vaporizer makes his first appearance in the Violator miniseries. Vaporizer and his other brothers go after Violator for disgracing the Phlebiac name. After confronting Violator he and his brothers are attacked by the Admonisher. He tries to help kill the Admonisher by eating him only for the Admonisher to rip out of his stomach. Eventually Vindicator opens a portal to hell which they chase a man dressed up as Violator(who they believe is Violator) while being chased by the Admonisher into the portal.

    Alternate Future

    Vaporizer appears in the the year 2015 as a police officer in a world ruled by Spawn.


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