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Vapora is a sentient mist or vapor that emerges from gasoline cans to feed on the human misery and anguish she can cause with her destructive and deadly abilities. Vapora would strike a family when a dad brought a gasoline can into the kitchen to help remove some tiles when an accident occurred and the house burst into flames. Daredevil was on the scene and managed to pull out a young girl named Angel Jusko from the flames but she suffered third degree burns on seventy-five percent of her body and smoke inhalation. Matt Murdock returned back to the home with a fire inspector and he was able to see Vapora with his heightened senses while the inspector was providing information on the dangers of gasoline vapors. Vapora would strike again when a mother was using gasoline to clean her floor and was set on fire when she lit her cigarette. Vapora was still hungry for more pain and appeared in a garage when two boys were cleaning their motorcycles with gasoline. One of the boy's younger sister named Laura was in the garage when a spark ignited the vapors. The sister was trapped in the garage when Daredevil appeared and fought Vapora before she could claim another life. Vapora had Laura in her clutches but Daredevil was able to free her when he sprayed Vapora with a fire extinguisher. Matt Murdock was in court the following and successfully defended the landlord from arson charges when he explained that misuse of gasoline caused these accidents. Murdock was informed that Angel would survive and he was happy with the news but back in his head, he knew Vapora would strike again. 


Vapora was created by Mindy Newell and Mike Harris in 1993 and first appeared in Daredevil vs Vapora # 1. 

Character Evolution

Vapora was created as a villain during a collaboration with Marvel and an educational program sponsored by the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This comic would help any adult or child by providing information on the dangers of gasoline vapors and its harmful/deadly effects.  

Powers & Abilities

Vapora is a sentient gasoline vapor that could combust into flame when it came into contact with any fire or ignition source. Vapora was invisible to the naked eye, capable of flight and could also suffocate its victims with her fumes.

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