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    The environmentalist who gained the meta-human ability to transform herself into a cloud of acidic mists. Asked to join a new super-team established by private companies and led by Booster Gold called the Conglomerate.

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    Vapor is a metahuman character created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Chris Sprouse. She was introduced in Justice League Quarterly in Winter 1990 as part of the super-team called the Conglomerate.


    Carole Donahue was not particularly impressed when she discovered she has some super powers. However, she decided to use her abilities as Vapor. The origin of her gifts is unknown, although they may be the result of a latent meta-gene, as is often the case with spontaneous superpowers. Ironically this intelligent and haughty young woman accepted businesswoman Claire Montgomery's offer to join the Conglomerate - a team supplying its super heroic services to several corporate sponsors.

    Based on Wall Street, the Conglomerate soon battled the Justice League of America - whom Vapor regarded as a pathetic joke - after violating UN protocol by ousting the tyrannical leader of the nation of San Sebor. The Conglomerate broke apart shortly after, and Vapor became a spokesperson for an environmental group. Her present location and activities are unknown.


    Carrie can transmute her body either as a whole or just parts of it into a cloud of gaseous vapor. She could also excrete gases from her mouth, which could be knock-out gas or a corrosive acidic cloud.


    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 124 lbs(56 kg)

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: Brown


    When in cloud-form, she was vulnerable to water and wind.


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