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In an alternate universe: Wolfsbane and Hrimhari didn't have a brown furred boy, but a white furred girl instead. She was also not abandoned at birth, Wolfsbane took her to Asgard and raised her there. Vanora, as she was named, grew too fast for a normal child and was mentioned to be filled with hate.

Major Story Arcs

They Keep Killing Madrox

Vanora used her power to shapeshift into any wolven form and took the form of Wolfsbane and killed Madrox and Layla Miller on their wedding day. After meeting with alternate reality Madrox (who actually was from Earth-616) she revealed that Layla Miller herself wanted the murder to happen and she even paid Vanora. Madrox created some dupes and took off when Vanora was fighting them.

When Madrox was sent back to his own reality, Vanora along with two other enemies Madrox met on his alternate reality travels: Deathlok Captain America and Dormammu in Dr. Strange's body, were also sent to Earth-616 by a fluke.

Breaking Points

Vanora and the two other travelers met with Damian Tryp, who told them to keep themselves out of sight for a while. Vanora met Tryp again when he came to inform them that now is the time to make their presence known. Vanora transformed into Wolfsbane and lured Madrox and Havok to Central Park. Madrox however noticed that Vanora was not wearing the cross that Wolfsbane always wears, and her ruse was up. Although DeathlokCap captured Madrox and Havok for a moment, the rest of arriving X-Factor members foiled their plan and killed DeathlokCap and Dormammu was sent away by Mephisto. Vanora took the opportunity to escape.

Tryp then brought Vanora to Tier, and reveled that they are brother and sister of sorts. Vanora saved Tier from Darwin who was hunting him. Wolfsbane also caught up with Tier, but Vanora attacked her, during the fight with her alternate universe mother, Vanora was seemingly killed by Shatterstar. Later it was revealed that she apparently can't die, since she is half-god, when she woke up, and swore revenge.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Senses

Vanora being half wolf: her hearing, smelling and eye sight are enhanced.


She has the ability to transform into any lupin form, that includes human forms of people who can turn into wolves themselves.

Super Speed

She can run in super-human speed.


She also can't die.

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