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Brief History

 The wax monster known as Vandoom.
 The wax monster known as Vandoom.
Heinrich Vandoom created a museum and displayed wax replicas of famous monsters from literature that included Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man and the Living Mummy. His son Ludwig Vandoom would take over the family business and run the museum but times were bad and no tourist or locals were interested in the wax figures. Vandoom decided to create the largest, wax monster that would stir up business and have eager crowds flock back to the museum. Vandoom even made a hole in his roof so his towering, wax creature would fit in his home. The local women and children were afraid of his statue and the community thought it was too dangerous for him to continue his work. Vandoom was working on the head of the monster that pretruded from his roof when a storm was coming in. Vandoom covered his creation with a large tarp to prevent it from getting disfigured from the sudden storm. Lightning would strike his creation and it suddenly came to life. 
The Vandoom monster destroyed the museum and the villagers tried to stop the wax leviathan with their clubs and rifles. The wax creature took the punishment but never retaliated against the villagers. Ludwig and his wife noticed a spacecraft land in their village and discovered that some martians wanted to turn the planet into a colony of Mars. The Vandoom monster headed back into the village and beheld the martians. Ludwig spoke to his creation and told it that the martians were enemies. The Vandoom creature lashed out against the martians and the alien intruders were forced to flee Earth. The monster collapsed after the victory and the villagers apologized to Ludwig. The villagers buried the wax giant on their sacred mountain and wanted Ludwig to create another wax figure. 

Powers & Abilities

Vandoom was a giant wax monster that possessed superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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