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    Born a viking, she was raised by Odin and became valkyrie. Sister to Vulnavia and half-sister to Lady Death.

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    She was born Viking, second child to Marion. When Christians invaded their land Marion was able to escape with her two daughters. Marion was worried for her daughters lives and begged Odin to come and rescue them. He came and took them away, he also gave Marion part of his Odin-force which would be passed on to her next child. They then were raised by him as his own and they became valkyries. They aged slowly as all asgardians.


    In search of the chosen one Vandala finds Lady Death drifting in unknown. She tries to influence her to not look into the past and embrace her future. Being desperate, she then sends Lady Death to the three tests: Heroism, Loyalty and Bravery. But she fails to teach her of these ways. Upon summoning Lady Death back to her, Asteroth intervenes and spell is misplaced. She manages to escape from Asteroth’s hands, but she also lost Lady Death’s whereabouts.

    Many months go by and she is finally able to find Lady Death. She warns her of Asteroth’s intention to kill her. He kills all in the realm where Lady Death was sent, in doing so he reawakened Lady Death warrior side, what was exactly What Vandala was trying to achieve. She then told Lady Death that Asgard is in need of saving and it will play a role in her future.

    Vandala leads Lady Death to Asgard, before the current leader, Frigga, who tells Lady Death that she is half-sister of Vandala and Vulnavia. Night fell and sisters went to bed. But during the slumber an Sinestra slits Vandala’s throat. She barely survives the attack. She is on the sickbed throughout the battle, but she is finally captured by Genocide himself. She then is bound to chaos machine along with her sisters Lady Death and Vulnavia. They are tricked to use the Odin-force in them to save Lady Death, this activates the chaos weapon. Tyr the traitor jumps on the artifact, tilting it a little. The weapon misses nexus and chaos does not win that day. It hits the sun, corrupting it, until it goes nova. Vandala goes to save valkyries while Lady Death battles with Genocide. Vandala, Vulnavia and Lady Death are the last to go from that world.


    Joining The Fight
    Joining The Fight

    Vandala and her sisters return to Asgard, Lady Death soon returns to Hell. Vandala’s and Vulnavia’s life is peaceful, until Purgatori arrives to claim her god hood. They meet Odin, who gives Vandala part of his Odin-force. Vandala, Vulnavia and Frigga are able to escape from slaughter into Transdaemonium. Unfortunately their luck will not hold.

    They meet Matthias, Lady Death’s father and then Purgatori arrives, while they fight. She kills Frigga and possesses Vulnavia with her blood. Vandala has no option to escape again. She goes on the search for Lady Death. She arrives to fortress Oblivion with Brock and Grimnir, the last survivors of Asgard. She tries to convince Lady Death not to attack heaven, but fails at that. But she announces that she will be no part of it. Soon after that they are attacked by Purgatori, in fierce battle she is finally beaten. There Vandala swears vengeance to Purgatori and release for Vulnavia’s soul.

    Later she assists Oblivia gathering artifacts to defeat Armageddon himself. Chaos falls and it bring end to the world.

    New Beginning

    Vandala roams arctic wasteland in search of Lady Death. Lady Death comes into her rescue and brings her to her stronghold, Winterhaven. Together they go on the quest to gather their old allies. They meet a thief and a black knight called Ravenheart on their travels. Next they seek out Grimnir and Brock. They then travel to demon kingdom to gain knowledge of Nocturne’s location. Nocturne is daughter of Armageddon. They go to Nocturne’s lair to rescue Cremator and to stop her. Stop her they do, but it won’t stop the fall of darkness. Abaddon took her armies as his own and war continued.

    Lady Death sends Vandala on a search for Living Chalice of Light. A weapon that could destroy Abaddon. She takes flight and travels the world. She travels to Purgatori’s Empire and finds her sister Vulnavia, who still is infected with blood-lust. Vandala found refuge in Aeries of Fallen, a place where largest fragment of heaven fell. After some time she continues her quest for the chalice. She at last finds a cavern, where lives Ruyin, spawn of the dark side of Asgard. In fighting him Vandala realizes that being the last survivor, all the Odin-force what was spread among the valkyries has directed to her. And she is the Living Chalice of Light. Vandala realizes that she can create Asgard anew. She sends Lady Death the message, that she will not aid her in battle against Abaddon. Lady Death renounces the blood and swears revenge for her betrayal. Lady Death is able to find Vandala, and goes for battle. The two are equally strong, the battle rages in draw. Then Ravenheart arrives and informs Lady Death that Nocturne’s grimoire is stolen. Lady Death promises to finish the battle on another day. In her battle with Purgatori, lady death is beaten.

    Vandala arrives and takes her sister back to Winterhaven. In doing so Lady Death says that she has earned a right to live. Vandala stays near Lady Death’s sick bed while she battles her inner demons. Some time later Vandala takes lead of Lady Death forces, and forms an alliance with The Demon Empire, Fallen angels and Purgatori. Vandala proposes to wage the war in two fronts. Lady Death leads the alliance armies in direct combat while Vandala ignites Aurora the Golden Star to end Abaddon’s darkness. The battle is victorious, Abaddon is defeated and Golden Star has pushed back the veil of darkness.


    Pagan Helping
    Pagan Helping

    After Lady Death disappears, Vandala prepares for the new Asgard creation. Her love Ravenheart, relentlessly watching over her. She however fails to create new shining realm. Pagan, the court jester of Lucifer then arrives and tells her a story that, old Asgard was not pure, it had a balance of good and evil. Pagan offers to help her create the new Asgard, so he can get rid of the wolf-form. She sees truth in his words and starts to create Asgard anew. She succeeds and names it Newgard.

    Some time later Vandala, Ravenheart and Cremator are summoned by the Reaper to aid Lady Death in battle. They grab beaten Lady Death and return through portals back to Winterhaven. After that Vandala and Ravenheart return to Newgard.

    After archdukes of hell bring Lucifer back to life, an alliance is created to destroy them. Vandala is long last reunited with her sister Vulnavia, who now has overcome her blood curse. The Alliance is divided into groups, Vandala and Vulnavia chose Pagan as their target.


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