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    Vanaheim is one of the nine realms and home to the Vanir.

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    Vanaheim is home to the Vanir and one of the nine realms.

    Robert E. Howard version:

    Vanaheim is a Kingdom in Hyboria. It is the land of the Vanir, a tribal culture with Viking-like features. The Vanir support themselves through beachcombing, fishing, hunting. And through raids in nearby lands. The various tribes have their own petty kings and chieftains. The major deity of the people is Ymir.

    The west coast has a moderate climate and the villages there mostly depend on the Sea for their sustenance. Though "fierce storms" from the Ocean can prove dangerous. The Eiglopian Mountains to the east have harsher weather conditions but also maintain a large population. The interior of Vanaheim is presumed to be mostly barren of life.

    To the west of Vanaheim lies the Western Ocean. The fishermen and hunters of marine mammals (whales, dolphins, seals, etc) among the Vanir travel its waters with their vessels. Others have a chance to turn to piracy or marine trade, though these activities are rarely depicted. To the south the land borders the Pictish Wilderness. The Picts maintain a Stone Age civilization but fiercely protect their lands from raiders and would-be conquerors. Also to the south is Cimmeria. Mutual raids between the Vanir and Cimmerians have resulted in long-held grudges. to the east is Asgard (Aesgaard), home of the Aesir. These people are closely related to the Vanir. But this has not prevented them from engaging in numerous conflicts. The areas to the north are mostly uncharted, presumed to be part of a frozen wasteland.


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