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    Van-Zee was Superman's cousin who lived in Kandor and the second Nightwing.

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    Van-Zee is the son of Nim-Zee (Superman #151), and he was a native born Kandorian and a surviving cousin of Superman in the pre-Crisis history. Van used the enlarging ray of a scientist Zak-Kul to grow to normal size and leave the city. While on Earth he fell in love with Lois Lane but backed out after he realized that his cousin was in love with her. However, he met a earth woman named Sylvia Dewitt who greatly resembled Lois; the two fell in love and married. Van and Sylvia lived on the planet of Venus where the two had children, a son named Lyle and a daughter named Lili. In Kandor, Van was always something of a hero to Kandor and started using the name, costume, and equipment of Nightwing and with his assistant Ak-Var who became the new Flamebird the two battled crime in Kandor as a crime fighting duo. Due to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Van, his family, and life as Nightwing were erased from DC continuity.


    Van-Zee is killed during the events of Convergence.


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