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Vampi's Feary Tales

Vampi's Scarlet Letters

"Don't miss the First thirst quenching drenching of SCARLET LETTERS!"

Fan letters to Vampirella magazine answered by Vampirella

Wicked is Who Wicked Does!

"Does doom await Cousin EVILY at the end of her search for the TREE OF HER ANCESTORS?"

Evily goes to the Tree of her ancestors to try to get her powers back but is double crossed by her guide, whom she quickly kills.

Blast Off! to a Nightmare

"Are we ruled, and if so- by what power? Care to answer your curiosity?"

Mankind realizes we are aloud to explore to stars only to learn our overload are out there and like to hunt us.

Fan Club Contest!

"Name our Volatile Vampirella's Fan Page, and get a peck in the neck from the Vampi herself!"

11 Footsteps to Lucy Fuhr

Whoever told you the Devil couldn't be a darling?

7 couple answer an ad in a paper that quickly becomes a game with the Devil for their souls.

I Wake up Screaming!

"Monsters and moviestars find themselves in the strange cinematic circumstance!"

A woman feels her life is a dream and comes to learn she is the monster in her own story.

The Calegia

"DEATH rides the wings of mythology- waiting to offer immortality!"

An ancient story of a man who become the monster he hunts

Didn't I See You On Television?

"This one act soap opera is a short turn-on of an age theme... with a new switch!"

Slimy Situation

"While this blithering banality is withering your congeniality, enjoy our slithering specialty!"



none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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