Character » Vampblade appears in 99 issues.

    Comic shop manager by day, Glarkian Space Vampire from Dimension Zar slayer by night.

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    Working at a local comic shop in Detroit, Katie was one day forced to grab two vampblades, which she thought to be replicas, to defend herself from criminals who had just shot the comic shop owner. As soon as she grabbed the vampblades, she threw up black goo and a chain, which latched unto her and transformed her into a customed vigilante. Thinking back to the old '90s local indie bad girl comic that she loved, Katie choose the name Vampblade for herself.

    Powers & Abilities

    Katie can mentally summon the Vampblades, which transforms her clothes into a superhero costume. By thinking of a particular superhero(ine), the clothes will transform into a variant of that superhero(ine). When she transforms back into Katie, her clothes disappear.

    Katie can detect Glarkian presence, both in and out of her costume. Only the vampblades can kill Glarkians.


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