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    VAMP stands for Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle. It was used heavily during G.I. Joe's early adventures, driven primarily by Clutch. The VAMP was armed with a 7.62 mm computer-synchronized machine gun. It also had a 4.8 liter V-12 turbo-charged engine giving it a top speed of 140 mph and a range of 850 miles. It was replaced after a few years of service by the VAMP Mark II.

    The VAMP Mark II replaced the original VAMP in 1984, still driven primarily by Clutch. It was armed with a quad-missile launcher loaded with Stinger XK2 missiles in variations from short and medium range, surface-to-surface, fragmentation, demolition, fire or smoke missiles; usually optically and/or computer designated. Other than the new weapon and a new paint scheme, making it more ideal for desert campaigns, it was virtually identical to its predecessor.

    In 2002 the VAMP/VAMP MK II was replaced with the newer Brawler and Sand Razor vehicles.


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