Character » Vamp appears in 4 issues.

    Vamp is a soldier who specializes in knives and no matter how fatal the wound he can't seem to die.

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    A Romanian by birth, Vamp and his family were hit in a terrorist bombing of the church they frequented in his hometown. Wounded and trapped in the rubble for three days, he was forced to subsist on the blood of his own slain family members, subsequently developing a vulgar and perverse taste for it, soon after. A wizard with knives, Vamp eventually came to the attention of Colonel Reginald Jackson, who was at that time recruiting operatives for President Sears' anti-terrorist training unit known as Dead Cell. As years past, he became especially close with Jackson, General Scott Dolph, and Dolph's daughter and Jackson's Wife Helena (aka Fortune). Once Jackson was court-martialed and deposed from Dead Cell, Vamp loyally followed Fortune as they orchestrated their terrorist plot on the Big Shell facility.

    Vamp possesses a wide range of unexplainable supernatural abilities; foremost among them is the ability to live on after seemingly fatal wounds. Wheather he is actually human or not is a matter of pure speculation.

    It is explained that his superhuman strength, speed, stamina, sensory systems, unlimited longevity, & regenerative immortality are a result of super-nanites in his body. His ability to walk on water is due to gadgetry type technology that makes him weightless. His ability to stick to walls is due to a device within his suit.


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