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Brief History

Due to her Excellent fighting skills, the woman knowan as Vamp was selected to become one of the first Super -agents of SHIELD. Unfortunately, the Vamp was a double agent, secretly working for the criminal, and assigned to infiltrate  SHIELD. She had also been subjected to a genetic modification , which allowed her to transform into a psionically -powered creature called Animus. 
Eventually Vamp 's true loyalties were exposed and she was incarcerated. She soon became another victim of the notorious serial killer of Super Villains the Scourge of the Underworld. 
Zola later allowed the Vamp's clone to continue to engage in criminal activities as if she had never died, in order to collect money for his future experiments.  However, Deadpool infiltrated Arnim Zola's lab and destroyed all the clones from the Bar With No Name , including the Vamp.  


Vamp was created by Roy Thomas, Don Glut and John Buscema in 1978 and first appeared in Captain America # 217.

Special Powers/Abilities

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A trained secret agent,the Vamp wore an absorbo-belt that allowed her to duplicate the physical skills and the strength of anyone around her. 

 Weight: 125 lbs 
 Height:  5 ft 2 in  
 Eyes:  Blue 
 Occupation: Secret Agent 
 Base: Mobile 


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