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Powers and Abilities

Kisara as a member of Ragnarok was a member of the 8 fists meaning she was one of the 8 strongest fighters in the group and by the time she quit Kisara was able to defeat the 3rd Fist Freya by breaking her staff. Kisara is a taekwondo fighter which is a style that relies on powerful kicks and acrobatics. Kisara is considered a disciple level fighter and shows great promise even without the instruction of a master. Kisara has been show to be fast enough to block punches with her legs and then counter opponents. She has been getting better and has adapted some if Miu Furinji's acrobatics into her syle making her movements very cat like in appearance. She has shown a great amount of speed in her battles though not anywhere near Miu or Rimi.


  • Double Hammer Kick - A ore powerful version of the Hammer Kick where Kisara will added another kick ontop of her leg increasing the power though she will not land on her feet after this move sacrificing a good footing for more power. This is the move that broke Freya's staff.
  • Double Tornado Nyagi - One of Kisara's most powerful techniques. Kisara jumps in the air, performs a spin with her knees raised, swings one of her legs downward, then hits the enemies face with the other leg crashing down.
  • Fushu - Kisara launches a high angle thrust kick that aims for an opponents head. Teh technique is visually very similar to Kenichi's Kori Nuki and the main difference is that Kenichi analyzes an opponents weakest point of defense while Kisara just aims for the head.
  • Hammer Kick - Kisara launches a powerful kick by holding her one of her legs over her head then releasing to downward hitting the top of the head.
  • Jeek Gi - Kisara launches a kick aimed for her opponents head, if they dodge by ducking their head Kisara can stop the blow midkick and swing her heel down onto the opponents head like an axe.
  • Mikeyopuchagi - Kisara launches a multi-striking series of rapid kicks aimed at vital points on the opponents body.
  • Pandal Chagiri - Kisara sweeps a side kick into the opponents body using some rotational force to increase the strength of the attack.
  • Neko-Kick - A very powerful side kick combined with cat like acrobatics aimed at the opponents head.
  • Twin Yeo Kijitora Yup Cha Jirugi - Kisara launches a single high kick to an opponents face.

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