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    Liselotte von Schellendorf, aka Valkyrie, is the main rival and love interest of Airboy.

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    Valkyrie is the codename of Liselotte von Schellendorf, the main rival and love interest of Airboy. She first appeared in "Air Fighers Comics" #2 (November, 1942). Liselotte was a German girl raised to become "the most alluring and evil of all women" and "the most skilled and deadly of all pilots". When she reached adulthood, she joined the Luftwaffe as leader of the Airmaidens. The squadron consisted of young female pilots. Valkyrie proved to be an ace pilot and managed to eliminate many Allied pilots in her missions. The one to survive was Airboy. Valkyrie only appeared in half-dozen tales but they are considered the highlights of the Airboy series. While her training to be alluring worked, the training to be evil did not. When Airboy demonstrated the evils of the Nazi regime, Valkyrie defected to the Allies. She took to piloting again and now targeted German pilots.

    In modern revivals of the title, Valkyrie survived to see the end of the War but was affected by a spell which left her in suspended animation for decades. She emerged to find Airboy dead and the world very different. However she found herself allied with a junior Airboy, son of the original, and the two have entered a new series of adventures.

    Valkyrie's main weapons are the aircrafts she pilots. When active on land, Valkyrie relies on handguns. She has had the standard military training for officers of the Third Reich.

    Popular Recognition

    Valkyrie (Liselotte von Schellendorf) was ranked 45th in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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