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Very little has been revealed about the New Genesis warrior called Valkyra besides the facts that she is the mother of Vykin of the Forever People and the former combat teacher of New Genesis' most formidiable warrior, Orion
Early on during Vykin's childhood he and his mother  along with four other young gods and their parents were called before Highfather, leader of the New Gods of New Genesis. The young gods and their parents were informed by Highfather that they had been chosen for a special purpose. Each child was given a special Mother Box of which they were encouraged to bond with and return with it to Highfather in five years time. Being a warrior, Valkyra trained her son Vykin in combat techniques, but it seemed that the child developed more of a fondness for machines and electronics rather than combat possibly due to bonding with his Mother Box.  At the appointed five year time, Vykin and the other young gods return to meet with Highfather where they spend the next few years receiving special training from him. The things the young gods learned from Highfather lead to their developing a special bond and uniting as the team now known as the Forever People. The time away from with the Forever People plus Vykin's lack of interest in the ways of the warrior caused somewhat of an estrangement between Valkyra and her son. It was only  recently prior to the events of the Death of the New Gods, that Valkyra and her son were reunited.  
Orion and Desaad had manage to kill each other during a recent conflict and when Orion had been pulled back from the Source by Highfather, it was unknowingly with the essence of Dessad within him and the process that lead to the explusion of Desaad from his body left him passive and contemplative. It was at Mark Moonrider's suggestion that Orion go to his old combat teacher, Valkyra, to try and rekindle his fierce warrior's nature. Once the Forever People and Orion reached Valkyra's home located on the southern pole of New Genesis, Valkyra decided a kind of "shock therapy" was in order and challenged Orion to combat in a gravity well in the hope that since Orion's mind remembered who and what kind of warrior he was, actual crisis style combat  would rekindle his warrior spirit.  Once they arrived at the combat arena and both donned their combat attire Valkyra unleashed brutal a no holds barred attack against Orion, which he intitially provide no counter attack or defense against. But as the fight progressed, slowly Orion's combat instincts began to kick in and he quickly counter attacked and soon started to gain the advantage over Valkyra. "The Dog of War" was back. The fight quickly end when Highfather appeared over the area and commanded they to stop due to his sensing through his link with the Source a threat to the Source and the universe itself.  
After the events of "Genesis", Valkyra was absorbed by a weapon left over from the time of the "Old Gods" and due to the timely actions of Orion she was freed from the weapon. It was then that both Valkyra and Orion professed to have feelings towards each other that they had developed centuries ago during the years that Valkyra spent training Orion but could not admit to or act upon due to their teacher/student relationship.  Sadly Valkyra and Orion's would only know happiness for a few short weeks. Due to circumstances put into motion by Orion's own mother, Tigra, in order to acheive what she hoped would eventually lead to the final destruction of Darkseid,Orion came into conflict with his half brother Kalibak who had established himself as ruler of Apokolips in Darkseid's absence due to events that occured during "Genesis" that lead to Darkseid being imprisoned with in the Source Wall.  Orion sensing a tremor in the universe and guessing that his sibling may be about to do something of a destructive nature travels to Apokolips to confront Kalibak. Kalibak, using a cannon that in theory would be able to shatter the Source Wall thereby allowing him access to the power of the Source, but would also see Darkseid destroyed with the Source Wall, also used one of it's lesser funtions to tap into the power of Darkseid and gains the advantage in combat against Orion. Valkyra gaining insight of the future from Metron travels to Apokolips to the site where Orion and Kalibak engage in battle and witnesses the arrival of the Black Racer coming to claim the soul of a defeated Orion, but before the Black Racer could reach Orion and claim him, Valkyra hurls herself into his path and sacrifices herself in Orion's place.

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