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1. Captain Hurricane

The first story introduces us to Captain Hurricane and his sidekick Maggot Malone, the two are on a Steamer on its way back to England when its hit by a torpedo and sunk.

Captain Hurricane and Maggot are left by the German sailors to die at sea, Hurricane swears to get his revenge on them.

Luckily the two are found and rescued by a flying boat, when returning home they immediately sign up in the war against Germany.

Two years later the two come across the U-Boat which had sunk them, Captain Hurricane goes into a rage and rips pieces of the sub apart and throws the German sailors into the sea to be later picked up and taken prisoner.

2. The Nutts

The Nutts are essentially a family of squatters who hide from their landlord every time he tries to collect rent, with them not having paid rent for 9 years.

The Landlord tries to take the family's television to help pay what they owe him, being that this is their most prized possession the family attacks him and drives him outside.

The landlord ends up taking their neighbours car thinking it to be theirs.

3. Hawk Hunter and the Iron Horse

Set in the Wild West, this story is about a young man who was brought up by American Indians named Hawk Hunter.

Hawk goes into town searching for work but the guy in charge hates Indians and picks a fight with him, Hawk easily deals with him and another man who sees the fight gives him a job working on the railroad being built.

4. Paladin the Fearless

This is a translated reprint of the French comic strip "Belloy" by Albert Uderzo, an artist who would later go on to fame for his work on Asterix.

The story is about an old man who lives in a forest, people warn him that the Vikings are coming to attack the town but he ignores them.

Later he goes into town and finds the place deserted, a small baby has been left there, he names the baby Paladin and brings it back home with him to look after.

5. The Steel Claw

This strip opens with a lab and two men working on an important experiment. One of the men, Louis Crandell has a robot hand, replacing one he lost in a prior accident. The experiment goes wrong, and Crandell is hit with a huge amount of electricity.

Crandell discovers that whenever he is now hit with electricity he becomes invisible, save for his steel hand, he immediately decides to turn to crime, as with great power, comes great opportunity for theft.

6. Percy the Problem Child

This is a one page comic strip of questions and answers.

7. Soppy Ha'Porths

A four frame humour strip.

8. To Glory We Steer

This is a strip about Lord Horatio Nelson from childhood to adulthood.

9. Hey Presto and Shorty the Sheriff

Two half page humour strips, one about a naughty magician's apprentice and another about an incompetent Sheriff set during the Wild West.

10. Blade of the Frontier

Story about a young officer of the Khyber Pass named Brett Blade.

Blade finds some dead Wazirs and tries to track down their killers.

11. The Crows and Sixer

Two half-page humour strips, one about a family of crows who are always getting into trouble, and another about a well-meaning but accident-prone schoolkid.

12. Kid Gloves

Strip about a young boxer trying to get money for his mother

13. Jack O Justice

Strip about a heroic highwayman.

Jack comes across a man being attacked and runs to help.



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