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Valesh Malafect was a smuggler whom started out as a friend of Cyclops' father, Corsair. The two later split over a bitter rivalry after which Valesh was put into a live-preserve space-pod by Corsair. Angered greatly, Valesh gathered his own grew and got himself a spaceship which he called the Desolation. He also fathered a young girl named Vileena, with an unknown mother.


Valesh Malafect was created by John Layman and Javier Garrón and first appeared in Cyclops issue 6 (2014).

Major Story Arcs


Valesh Malafect would encounter Corsair once more years later, when he lured Corsair and his team into a trap. Corsair was at the time accompanied by his young time-displaced son Scott Summers (Cyclops). Cyclops pretended to hate Corsair, and in doing so managed to join Malafect's crew and gaining his trust. This all the while Cyclops actually had planned an escape for him and his father. During this time, Cyclops also got romantically involved with Valesh's daughter Vileena. Thanks to Cyclops, Valesh Malafect came into the possession of a rare artefect when they pirated a Shi'ar spacecraft. It was however when the Shi'ar retaliated that Cyclops and his father made their escape. Valesh was stunned to discover this betrayal, as was his daughter. Cyclops however had doubts about leaving Valesh to fight the Shi'ar alone, seeing that Malafect had made him a member of his crew and had always protected him. In a final attempt to make amends, Cyclops and Corsair saved Valesh and his crew from certain death. In return, Valesh wanted to give both Cyclops and Corsair a safe getaway, however telling them that they would be enemies once more if they ever met again. This plan of a safe getaway was however foiled by Valesh's daughter, whom felt even more betrayed and wanted them dead. Valesh told his daughter that he would sell the father and son as slaves, and only would kill them if he would see them again. In trying to force her father to kill them, Vileena set both Cyclops and Corsair free. A fight broke out between the four, in which Vileena threw a knife towards Corsair. He was however saved by Cyclops and the knife hit Valesh instead, killing him instantly. Vileena was overcome with grieve and swore to avenge her father's death.


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