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    Character » Valerie Perez appears in 18 issues.

    Valerie was a S.T.A.R. scientist, daughter of Manfred Mota, who helped Bart Allen after the events of Infinite Crisis. Later, Val and Bart fell in love.

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    In her teens, Valerie Perez's high school was the center of a race riot. Skinheads locked up the students and set the building on fire. Luckily for Valerie, Kid Flash was there to rescue her before she was beaten by one of the skinheads.
    Later, Valerie became a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs in Keystone City. While there Tina McGee assigned her to figure out where the Speed Force had disappeared to. She tried to involve the now 20-year-old Bart Allen in her investigations, but he refused, having retired after his return from imprisoning Superboy-Prime. Soon Bart joins her at S.T.A.R. Labs and they kiss, which produces Speed Force sparks.
    Val and Bart's relationship is rocky at first, and after Val sees him with a bunch of girls at a nightclub, almost ends before it begins. They persevere, but on the eve Bart was to introduce Val to Jay and Joan Garrick (his current guardians), her father Manfred Mota kidnaps her. 
    Partnered with Inertia, Mota tries to infuse his incorporeal form into his daughter's body. The procedure fails due to Inertia sabotaging the process from the beginning. Bart saves Valerie and they restart their budding romance.
    After dating awhile, the stress of dating a superhero and keeping Bart's secret identity causes Val and Bart to argue after having dinner with her friends. They break off the relationship and Valerie disappears for a little while.
    Valerie later reappears in L.A. and tells Bart that she would like to begin dating again. But, by this time Bart already knows he is fated to die soon. He lies to Val that he is not ready to start again and he needs time alone. Before she leaves L.A., Val is stopped by Bart's grandmother, Iris West-Allen. Iris takes Val to the device that steals Bart's powers in hopes that she is able to stop it before it begins the chain reaction that eventually kills Bart. Unfortunately, it is too late and Bart is slain by the Rogues. His last words are to Val in which he imparts that he thinks they would've have worked out in the end and that he loved her.
    She hasn't been seen since Bart's death.


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