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    A lesbian and actress who was placed in the Larkhill resettlement camp as part of the Norsefire government's efforts to purge the English population

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    Born and raised in Nottingham, Valerie was aware from an early age that she was attracted to women. Because of her sexuality, she was disowned by her family. Travelling to London she enrolled in drama college and eventually became an actress, which had been her dream from a young age. During her work on the film The Salt Flats she met and fell in love with Ruth. The pair soon moved in together, and lived together until the rise of the Norsefire party in about 1992. As the government began to round up social "undesirables" such as gays and lesbians, Ruth was captured and tortured until she gave up Valerie, who was herself taken into custody and ultimately placed in the Larkhill concentration camp. There, she was the subject of medical experiments, eventually dying as a result of the experiments or her poor treatment.


    Major Story Arcs

    V for Vendetta

    Valerie's autobiography, written on toilet paper while she is incarcerated at Larkhill, passes into the hands of the person in the cell next to her, V. In time, it is passed on to Evey Hammond.

    Powers and Abilities

    Valerie has no superhuman powers or abilities.

    Other Media

    V for Vendetta

    Valerie appears in this adaptation of the comic book. She is portrayed by Imogen Poots as a teenager, and by Natasha Wightman as an adult.


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