Valerie Jessup

    Character » Valerie Jessup appears in 8 issues.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and daughter of Adrian Toomes, the criminal known as the Vulture.

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    Presumably born Valeria Toomes, Valerie Jessup joined the agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. and became one it's best agents.  Knowing the agency's protocols on criminal affiliations, Valerie doctored every document that tied her to her criminal father, the Vulture.   
    Later, another agency, A.I.M., came into possession of a disc containing information on Valerie as well as a number of other undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.  The disc would be able to uncover Valerie's deception, among other things.  A.I.M. had plans on using the information on the disc to blackmail Valerie and her fellow agents.  In order to retain control, Valerie went to her father to take the disc from A.I.M.  Though they hadn't seen each other in twenty years, Valerie and Adrian came up with a plan. 
    Using the alias Valeria Merrick, Valerie grouped together a number of criminals including her father the Vulture, the Juggernaut, Bullseye, Deadpool, Sabretooth, and Sandman. The gathered criminals did not know of the Vulture's connection to Merrick and thus, it made it easier for Valerie to blackmail the group into infiltrating A.I.M.'s Manhattan headquarters by claiming she was working for Tristam Silver, a master criminal. 
    Valerie gave the assembled criminals the task of storming the fortified base and stealing the identity disc, allegedly on behalf of Tristam Silver.  The group succeeded in doing so and as the place burned and fell down around them, the Vulture obtained the disc.  Although he was arrested, Adrian was able to successfully frame Sabretooth as the mastermind behind the entire event.  Still keeping their family ties a secret, Adrian promised Valerie to do his time and come out a changed man. 

    Personal Data

    Former SHIELD operative 




    SHIELD agent training 




    141 lbs. 


    Hair: Red, dyed black

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