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    Daughter of Boris and the childhood friend and sweetheart of Doctor Doom. She was later killed by demons because of Doctor Doom

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     Valeria and Victor playing
    Valeria and Victor playing

    Valeria is the childhood friend and probably the only love of the infamous Victor Von Doom the monarch of Latveria.

    She is a kind and caring person who did not understand his Machiavellian plans. This caused a rift between the two which would never be repaired. Valeria was born in Latveria, to the Gypsy tribe known as the Zefiro, the same tribe as Victor Von Doom. This small stroke of fate would shape her, and indeed, the lives of her entire family and loved ones.

    She is the only known daughter of Boris friend of Victor's parents and later the assistant of Doctor Doom. When they were young, Valeria was Victor's only friend among his tribe. By that time, the deaths of his mother and father have already made Victor a bitter and driven person, and though he used his ingenious devices to protect the tribe of which he had became a de facto leader, he was nevertheless feared by his fellow gypsies. This didn't matter so long as Valeria was with him. They were happy together and it seemed that love was soon to blossom between the two.

    This all changed when Victor, seeking to flee Latveria, accepted an invitation to work for the American military and went to the USA. He severed all ties with Latveria and his tribe, Valeria included. It is unknown what happened to her at this point of her life, but soon Victor once again started to affect them indirectly.

    Major Story Arcs

    Troubled Friends

    After Victor Von Doom experiments in America failed and he he fled the states. Baron Sabbat anxious and under pressure to find and deliver Victor to the KGB, began to persecute the gypsies, believing they knew where he was. KGB did find out Doom's hiding place, but was unable to make him work for them, because they had nothing he wanted, and his intellect and devices made it impossible for them to force him.

    Determined to acquire Doom, they made a plan to use Valeria against him. They made an arrangement with a member of Valeria's tribe who was supposedly a fortune teller, and he made a prophecy to Valeria that Victor is in terrible danger. He also supplied her with his location and urged her to go and find him.


     Happy reunion
    Happy reunion
     Valeria threatened
    Valeria threatened

    Valeria found Victor in a small eastern European town, scarred, bitter and brooding over his failed attempt to free his mother from hell, on the edge of loosing his sanity. She brought a renewed light into his life, and the two entered a relationship and fell in love.

    This was not to last, and soon the KGB made their move, taking Valeria captive and forcing Doom to work for them. However, Valeria was saved by an intervention of a member of a long forgotten buddhist sect who had been monitoring Doom as well. This, however, was the final straw. Doom, angry that they used his love as a leverage against him, once again abandoned Valeria and headed of to the Himalayas.

    A Friend Lost Forever

     Unhappy reunion
    Unhappy reunion

    During Doom's stay in the Himalayas, we once again lose track of Valeria, until Doom makes his comeback into the world and starts a rebellion against the Baron, now king Vladimir of Latveria. She confronted Doom, but the Doom she met was no longer the Victor who was her childhood sweetheart and the person she had so much hopes for. This was now Doctor Doom, an imposing figure clad in armor and demanding of respect and obedience to him. She did not understand his desires for domination, and could not stomach the being he has become, and left him once and for all. Doom still had a degree of affection for her, and it is known that he had her uncle take her out of the country before he started his war against King Vladimir.

    Valeria Richards daughter of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman who was delivered by Doctor Doom, was named by him after Valeria.


    Many years later, Doom returned to Valeria. She was overjoyed with seeing her old friend again. Doom however had made a deal with demons. When he would offer them something that dear to him and can never be replaced, the only thing in the world he loved, he would get absolute power and be able to harness magic like a sorcerer supreme. Doom had accepted this and thus traveled to Valeria, while she was dying in front of him, as she is being offer to the demons, he told her the following;

    My life is changing .When I was young I made a fateful choice. I chose science over sorcery. And I wanted chose again. Thus, I made a pact. I conjured a cabal of nether demons who claimed they would make me the magician I could have been... and greater besides. But as is too often true demons, there there was barter involved. One condition. I had to sacrifice something of indescribable value. Something irreplaceable. Something only you could give me. Farewell my love. Dear, dear Valeria. I will miss you more than any will ever imagine... but I will always hold you close to me.

    A said ending to a good woman.

    Other Versions

    Dr. Doom become a hero

    In another universe where Doom didn't gain his scar, as he asked Reed for help, and freed his mother soul, become a hero, and freed his country he reunited with Valeria and was to marry her. In their wedding day, Mephisto who was angry at Doom for freeing a soul from his domain, took Valeria but offered Doom a deal to free her, if Doom gave his soul to him he will release Valeria and the world will lose all the good he can do in it or he would allow him to take her and Doom would be free to do good in the world. Doom tearfully chose the later, but would do what his counterpart of Earth-616 did, in an attempt to save is mother, he would fight Mephisto army and if he won his love would be free. However, every time he try Doom never won and Valeria would remain a prisoner of Mephisto.


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