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Born the second child of Namor Mckenzie and the invisible woman Susan Storm. She unlike her older brother had the conventional skin coloration of a pure blooded atlantean making her very popular among the undersea residents. She and Remy were close growing up but he had an adventurers spirit and often went where the wind blew him. While he was often out getting into all kinds of trouble she grew into a responsible woman who her father could always count on in matters of urgency.
 Val and Remy
 Val and Remy

After she had a few more siblings and with the war brewing in her world she was tasked on the battle lines under the sea. While performing her duties her ship was left stranded and she was rescued by her fathers enemy Atuma. As they traveled together they fell in love. It was this incident which led her to rescue the exiles and her family after they were trapped by the black panther. 
 Going off with Atuma
 Going off with Atuma

After confessing her love for Atuma to her big brother she was tasked with leading the undersea battle along with Atuma. This new alliance between her father and her love meant everything to her as she would no longer need to chooses between duty and love.


Val is trained in Atlantean combat methods and fluent in Atlantean and English languages.



Biologically 1/3 Atlantean and half human with a mutant X-Gene. She all the natural abilities of both species, though due to her hybrid/mutant nature many of her natural abilities are far greater then any average Altantean or human. As an Atlantean she has numerous super attributes including:
  • Superhuman Strength: Under optimal levels, she is able to lift and move over 10 tons on land or in water.
  • Limited Invulnerability: Highly durable-skin. unknown how she would withstand bullets and missiles.
  • Sub-mariner: Her Altantean heritage grants her multiple underwater super attributes. She can Swim at incredible speeds, immune to cold and pressures of deep sea, able to see clearly in water whether murky or not & her strengths and health are naturally replenished in water.
  • Enhanced Physical Attributes: Namora's speed, reflexes, and endurance are greatly enhanced especially when underwater.
She cant fly and does not have the longevity of a 1/2 human atlantean.



Physical characteristics

Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs


Known Relatives:
Captain Leonard McKenzie/ Grandfather (deceased), Emperor Tha-Korr/ Great Grandfather (deceased),  Princess Fen/Grandmother

Father/ Namor,  mother/ Invisible Woman, Human Torch/Uncle (deceased), Unnamed   Black sister,  Ari/white sister, Johnny/Black Brother, Gambit/big brother.  

Citizenship: Citizen of the Altantis

Place of Birth: An unnamed location in Atlantis.

Marital Status: in a relationship with Attuma 

Occupation: Defender of Atlantis, princess

Education: Graduate of the Atlantean education system.


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