Valentina Rychenko

    Character » Valentina Rychenko appears in 26 issues.

    A Russian major to the prior Soviet Union. Valentina Rychenko is an ally of X-Force and an co-opt to an underground spy network and mercenary core. She is also a loyal Russian nationalist.

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    Valentina Rychenko's past life is largely unknown with exceptions that she is a trained Russian born soldier to her country who has cooperated with a shadow cabinet of international spy cartels and mercenaries the world over to engage in extra-legal or black operations. Her father, Constantin Racal, is also a notable geneticist and Russian nationalist who had involvement in developing mutated Russian sleepers as well as the Warborgs to combat a post-nuclear fallout during the USA/ USSR Cold War.

    The X-Force, lead by Pete Wisdom, Bedlam, Boom-Boom, Cannonball, and Warpath in their reassembly from freedom fighters to spy crime investigators would be contacted by Valentina Rychenko through emergency channels to overtake a sentinent bio-weapon activation within Russia's Science City. The release of a flesh and cybernetics spliced weapon known as Meatspore Stormtroopers were activated to ravage the city of innocent people until the intervenion of the X-Force would disable the bio-mech weapon with EMP blasts by Bedlam and explosives. Pete Wisdom set to investigate the specs and reasons of the Meatspore Stormtroopers creation through Valentina's information on a disabled spy cell called CUCKOO lead by the since criminal genius director and mutated conspiracist Dr. Niles Roman that previously held operations in San Francisco. Goading his team to vacation in San Francisco, Pete Wisdom set the city as the new teams base of operations for the citys' past ties to spy experimentation and resourced to a hidden S.H.I.E.L.D. surveillance safehouse long since deactivated.

    Later, effects of the X-Forces' prescence in San Francisco would lead them to combat a mass mutagenic war experiment by Dr. Niles Roman that would leave Dr. Roman's mutagenic engine destroyed and Pete Wisdom shot dead by Dr. Roman for interferring with his mass experiment.

    Following effects after Pete Wisdom's funeral, the return of Domino, and a later fight against the mutant druglord Marcus Tsung, the X-Force would once again fall in the aid of Valentina Rychenko and her father Constantin Racal to retrieve mutated sleeper cell agents and their children from being activated in a condensed post-nuclear, post Cold War counter-attack protocol that would have instigated a new Cold War between Russia and American alliances. Warborgs, mutated and cybernetic corpses of once dead soldiers with heavy arsenals, would be sent to a region of California both in part by Constantin Racal and Dr. Niles Roman to retrieve the Russian Sleepers' children. Suspected by Dr. Racal's assertions in his experimentations with bio-tech reparts of the Meatspore Stormtroopers, the Sleepers were expected to be sterile in their mutated states before they were brainwashed with false identities and memories into the United States of America to enact as Russian failsafes to destroy the states in a post-nuclear counter-attack. Dr. Racal set to reverse-engineer the Sleepers childrens' mutagenic powers whereas Dr. Roman set to conspire to create a cloned armada of mindless bio-tech soldiers from the cells of the Sleepers children. Nick Fury in his stand with S.H.I.E.L.D. would come to learn of the remains of Warborg bodies nearby along with the prior vigilante activities of Pete Wisdom's X-Force offshoot which lead him to send troops to detain the X-Force, Rychenko and her father to explain Dr. Roman's emergence to the Russian Sleepers children abduction. With the truth revealed, Nick Fury strikes a bargain with Rychenko, Racal, and the X-Force to destroy Dr. Roman's base of operations while revenging Pete Wisdom's murderer and prevent a secret war out of the sight of International legal agencies; The X-Force set to war.

    Valentina Rychenko accompanied the X-Force to Dr. Roman's stronghold only to encounter much of Dr. Roman's mutated army within as well as a self-sustained power generator enabling the military lab to sustain its own energy. In Domino's attempts to place a bomb to the compound's power core, Dr. Roman set to intervene to defend his actions in preventing an alien hybridizing experiment against the human race. Despite Dr. Roman's lack of proof to his claims, the X-Force scrutinized Dr. Roman's eugenic conspiracy before Valentina Rychenko would be revealed as a Life Model Decoy implimented with a bomb planted and activated by Romany Wisdom, sister of Pete Wisdom, which evaporated the compound but lead the X-Force to scatter and resurface as vigilante terrorists.

    It is yet indetermined if the prior Valentina Rychenko the X-Force last met was ever the true Valentina Rychenko replaced by effects of SHIELD, Nick Fury, Romany Wisdom, Constantin Racal or a combined effect of both to be so easily assumed as human. It would be later revealed Romany Wisdom set to assassinate Dr. Niles Roman to uphold a conspiracy to re-write the human genome in a Communistic conspiracy to unite mankind at a cost of hindering free-will. The X-Force later overturned Romany Wisdom's operations before their separation and the return of Pete Wisdom within Black Air. X-Force went under until their dissolution into the later X-Statix. Valentina Rychenko has not been acknowledged since then.


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