Valentina Rosselli

    Character » Valentina Rosselli appears in 169 issues.

    Italian character, Valentina is a photographer with big problems, strange nightmares and weird stories.

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    Valentina Rosselli is a Milanese photojournalist who for a time worked for Philip Rembrandt who is the superhero Neutron the descendant of a race of blind men who live underground in the hidden town of Komyatan, and because of his having the ability to see is able to paralyze people and animals with a flash from his eyes.

    And while they eventually have a child together Valentina however eventually moves on to a series of adventures of her own without Philip, which are set somewhere between dream, hallucination and reality.


    Created by Guido Crepax, and introduced in 1965 where she is originally a minor character in stories about the character Neutron,  Valentina is based on silent film actress Louise Brooks.

    At first having a “conventional” science fiction / detective theme, by 1967 Valentina had taken over the series and the fantasy / superhero elements were dropped in exchange for a complex, mix of erotism, hallucination, and dream, while also dealing with bisexuality, autoerotic ecstasy, abandon, and sadomasochism.

    Soon Valentina became one of the most influential European comic series.

    Very much tied to the look and feel of the 60’s and early 70’s the character of Valentina last appeared in a story in 1995 at the age of 53.      


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