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    Kryptonian son of Dru-Zod of Earth 2, hidden by Terry Sloan in a cell beneath Arkham. Secluded for most of his life and developed a gentle pacifistic nature

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    Val-Zod has reluctantly been fighting the forces of Apokolips for quite some time. He is against violence so his instincts are to solve problems by other means. As Apokolips has murdered millions of people and begins to devour the planet. He dawns the uniform and fights back. In the last few pages of Earth 2 and Worlds End he is seen fighting against Darkseid alongside Flash, Green Lantern, Powergirl and the other heroes. Most recently he is seen in Convergence #2. He and Green Lantern fight Brainiacs care taker while he's away. The caretakers name is Telos and his job is to maintain and care for all the cities that Brainiac has stolen from though out the multiverse. Green Lantern strikes first and he makes Telos retreat for a few seconds before he returns and Green Lantern is too weak from all the power he expended. Val-Zod knows what its like to lose a planet and so he unleashes on Telos to avoid a similar fate for everyone he loves. In a surprise to everyone, Telos decides to retreat, although he acts as if he doesn't need to physically fight the heroes and has more important things to handle.


    Val is a Kryptonian sent to Earth along with three other Kryptonian space pods before the destruction of his home planet. He has been shown to be very timid and was diagnosed by Batman to be an agoraphobic. He prefers closed spaces.


    Val was created by Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott and made his debut in Earth-2 #19.


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