Character » Väinämöinen appears in 20 issues.

    The main character of Finnish national epic KALEVALA, who has also been in comics for some time now. He can create almost anything with his singing abilities.

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    He was born from her mother, Ilmatar. He was in her womb for millions of years, and when he was born, the Earth was young.

    For billions of years he lived, doing amazing feats.

    One day, Sampo, a remarkable bringer of wealth (a machine that can create barley, salt and gold) was created. Louhi tried to steal it. A battle was fought between the heroes and enemies of Kalevala. Sampo cracked and its pieces sank to the bottom of the sea, and Louhi was killed. Väinämöinen left on his journeys once again, and promised to return, when he would be needed by his people.

    In the comic, Return of Väinämöinen.

    Väinämöinen returns from his journey. Which hasn`t been a journey at all, apparently, but a very long stay at a lodge cabin in a very small island. Where he had lived and slept with his former nemesis Louhi (who had already left decades ago, even if Väinämöinen hadn`t noticed, due to his nature).

    He adjusts to the modern age, becomes a popular media person (a singer, a star of a Kalevala anime-movie (that isn`t very close to the epics roots), a trash magazines followed celeb...), gets a girlfriend, goes to school (all the way from the first grade), travels around the world with his friend Jabe and does all kind of other things.


    In the story Quest for Kalevala (made by Don Rosa) Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck with Huey, Dewey and Louie start to look for Sampo. When they find out that it`s broken, they repair it, and in the process, awaken Louhi.

    She tries to conquer Finland, but is stopped by our heroes and Väinämöinen. Väinämöinen takes Sampo with him, and once again leaves the Finnish people, until they need him again.


    He can do anything when he sings. For example, he has created a car that can drive without a motor, and made a boat fly. He has a magic kantele (a traditional Finnish musical instrument made from the jawbone of a Giant Northern Pike) which increases his power.

    Among his other feats, Väinämöinen has also changed into animals and spoken with animals.

    He can run around the world in a few minutes or hours.

    He is also versy skilled. Väinämöinen can skii on water, is masterful with a sword, and can jump extremely high.

    He has existed since the beginning of time and therefore is immortal with some cosmic awareness.

    He can also read minds.

    He has said that he can do pretty much anything, if he wants. There`s a possibility that he exaggerated.


    In the epic Kalevala, Väinämöinen is a mysterious old man. A god in the form of an ordinary man, like many other Scandinavian gods ( Thor, Loki ). He is a wise, but also a selfish, quick tempered man who woos young, beautiful ladies and shows his strenght against brash young men. But, his people are close to him, and if they are threatened, he will more than willingly defend them.

    Väinämöinen has appeared in his own newspaper strips. They have been collected to albums, but there hasn`t been any English versions.

    In Väinämöinen-series, he has softened by age. He is still wise, still gets angry almost as easily, still loves nature but is less selfish and otherwise lovable man.


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