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    Vagabond was a costumed adventurer who worked with Nomad and Demolition Man.

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    While hitchhiking in Kentucky she was picked up by Nomad who was passing through on his motorcycle. She told Nomad that she was on her way to Miami to find her brother, Phil, who was involved in criminal activities that include the drug trade. Nomad promised to find and rescue Phil for her.

    Nomad learned that Phil was working for the Slug. Nomad found Phil on the Slug's boat and told him that his sister was looking for him, but he said he was happy. Phil told Slug about Nomad and they drugged him and threw him off the boat. However, Captain America intervened, and, with both Priscilla and Nomad, managed to defeat the Slug.

    Later, Priscilla, having adopted the identity "Vagabond" to compliment Jack Monroe's Nomad, travelled with her then-lover, as well as Demolition Man, the Falcon, and the Captain, the identity assumed by Steve Rogers after the United States government reclaimed the mantle of Captain America. During their travels, Vagabond received some martial training from her newfound friends, and assisted in their battles from time to time. She talked the Armadillo out of murdering his ex-wife and into returning to the Vault. Vagabond also defeated Black Racer of the Serpent Society by tickling her. Eventually, though, a chasm formed between Vagabond and Nomad. He accused her of secretly being infatuated with D-Man. Eventually, Rogers returned to his identity of Captain America, and the group each went their separate ways.

    Lyons' next encounter with a superhero occurred when she attempted to infiltrate the operations of Curtiss Jackson, the Power Broker. However, the Scourge of the Underworld had targeted Jackson for death. The U.S. Agent got involved this time, however, and Jackson was saved and incarcerated. Lyons then attempted to join the Scourge program, but was overwhelmed by her conscience when she was sent to murder the Matador. The U.S. Agent got involved once again, and the Scourge of the Underworld program was apparently dismantled.

    While Lyons whereabouts after this are unknown, Tony Stark was considering her for his Initiative program.


    Vagabond was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary in 1987 and first appeared in Captain America # 325.


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