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    Vagabond was a costumed adventurer who worked with Nomad and Demolition Man. She also was a member of Captain America's Stars and Stripes band of heroes.

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    A real Vagabond
    A real Vagabond

    While hitchhiking in Kentucky she was picked up by Nomad who was passing through on his motorcycle. She told Nomad that she was on her way to Miami to find her brother, Phil, who was involved in criminal activities that include the drug trade. Nomad promised to find and rescue Phil for her.

    Nomad learned that Phil was working for the Slug. Nomad found Phil on the Slug's boat and told him that his sister was looking for him, but he said he was happy and did not need rescuing. Phil told Slug about Nomad and they drugged him and threw him off the boat. Since Lyons had not heard from Nomad in weeks she decided to contact his previous partner Captain America via the Captain America Hotline. Soon Captain America intervened and defeating the Slugs henchmen on his yacht and, with both Priscilla and Nomad, managed to defeat the Slug.


    Vagabond was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary in 1987 and made her first appearance in Marvel Comics series Captain America #325 - Slugfest.

    Major Story Arcs

    Stars and Stripes

    Fighting the Serpent Society
    Fighting the Serpent Society

    Later, Priscilla, having adopted the identity "Vagabond" to compliment Jack Monroe's Nomad, travelled with her then-lover, to the mansion of Demolition Man at the foothills of Santa Monica California. Lyons with Nomad as well as Demolition Man, the Falcon, and the Captain, the identity assumed by Steve Rogers after the United States government reclaimed the mantle of Captain America. Early on Captain America made it very clear that she could come along but he would not place an untrained civilian in danger. Hence, she would often be left behind as a lookout. This however did not stop Vagabond from encountering both the escaped villain Armadillo but also the Serpent Society's speedster the Black Racer. She convinced Armadillo out of murdering his ex-wife and turn himself back into authorities at the Vault. She would defeat Black Racer by tickling her while going 60 miles per hour on a gurney saving Sidewinder's life. She began to prove her worth with the team and was being seen as a able and willing ally to the Captain.

    During their travels, Vagabond received some martial training from her newfound friends, and assisted in several of their battles from time to time as the brief team named Stars and Stripes. Eventually, though, a chasm formed between Vagabond and Nomad. He was constantly reprimanding her, becoming overprotective and almost bullying her at times. He also accused her various times of secretly being infatuated with D-Man. At one time when Vagabond allied herself with Sidewinder to assist is releasing Diamondback, D-Man and Nomad from Federal prison via his teleportation powers. This is when Nomad and Vagabond had a parting of the ways. Vagabond would choose to stay behind and face the law with D-Man as she believed Captain America would have done. Nomad however left with Sidewinder and Diamondback renouncing their relationship. Eventually, Rogers returned to his identity of Captain America, and the group each went their separate ways.

    Power Broker Gambit

    Lyons' next encounter with a superhero occurred when she attempted to infiltrate the operations of Curtiss Jackson, the Power Broker. She had been welcomed into the Jackson's private quarters and were discussing Lyons possible augmentation to a superpower via the Power Broker technology. However, the Scourge of the Underworld had targeted Jackson for death and broke into Jacksons private estate. Jackson and Lyons attempted to escape using a secret hatch under his bed which entered the sub-basement levels of the Power Brokers estate. Here Jacksons equipment for the augmentation process were kept and he strapped himself in in an attempt to augment his strength, however it turned out horrifically wrong and his enhanced musculature left him immobile. Scrouge did catch up to them and grabbed Lyons, she told him that she was an innocent bystander and had only come to obtain the augmentation process. Momentarily questioning his prime objective of only killing criminals it gave enough time for Lyon's to strike at Scrouge and run off. Luckly for Lyons the U.S. Agent got involved this time, however, and Jackson was saved and placed on police custody at the Los Angelos County Hospital.

    Vagabond takes out Dr.Malus.
    Vagabond takes out Dr.Malus.

    Lyons was abducted by Dr.Karl Malus the chief scientist who had created the Power Broker augmentation process. Malus wanted claims on the Power Broker Inc. but could not access the safe which contained Jacksons most important files could only be entered by his fingerprints. Malus threatened Lyons with severe injury by his super powered minions if she did not visit him at the hospital and obtain his handprints. He believed that Lyons had gained the trust of Jackson and equipped her with "epidermold" a putty like mold to take his handprint. Lyons complied however feeling guilty at betraying the injured Jackson. He also placed a tracking bracelet on her thereby keeping Lyons from deserting the plan. Lyons obtained Jacksons handprint and contacted Malus to meet her at the hospital lobby alone and with the key the bracelet. Malus agreed and met Lyons in the lobby released her bond but attempted to inject an unknown substance into Lyons. She made a strike at his neck knocking him down and then injected Malus with the syringe instead. Leaving him tied to a stall in the women's bathroom she called U.S.Agent and had him pick up the criminal destroying the mold in the process.

    Scourge of the Underworld

    Scourge of the Underworld
    Scourge of the Underworld

    Sometime later Lyons attempted to join the Scourge program but was overwhelmed by her conscience when she was sent to murder the Matador. No longer a criminal and a single father he begged Lyons to let him live for his children's sake. This abandonment of her duty would mark Lyon's having a death warrant on her by the Scourges. Lyon's would contact U.S. Agent once more in partnering up to take down the program once and for all. Battling the Scourge agents Bloodstain, Domino, and Caprice, Lyons and US.Agent were captured. They would attempt to brainwash U.S.Agent into joining the Scourge program. Unsuccessful Lyon's and U.S Agent defeated them. Bloodstain would state that he was U.S.Agent's long-lost brother Mike Walker. Bloodstain along with Domino would be killed by a falling Angel gravestone which crushed them both. The Scourge of the Underworld program was apparently dismantled and Lyon's and U.S.Agent went their separate ways.

    It has been many years since Lyons has made an appearance her whereabouts after this are unknown, Tony Stark was considering her for his Initiative program stated in the Civil War: Battle Damage Report.

    Powers and Abilities

    Training with D-Man
    Training with D-Man

    Vagabond has the normal strength, speed, agility and endurance of a young woman her age, she is very physically fit and exercised on a regular basis. She has been trained by both Nomad and the D-Man on various forms of martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics and wrestling techniques. She had attained moderate expertise on all these studies at that time in point of her early career.

    After being part of the Scrouge Program, she received extensive additional martial arts training from most likely Bloodstain, but it was never substantiated that he was her trainer. Now more capable as a martial combatant she would now be on par with other martial artist adventurers. She was also trained on firearm use, escape artistry, espionage and surveillance, tracking, and the art of disguise.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

    At one time during after her training in firearms by Scourge she carried a revolver handgun. She also had a van fully equipped for her to have as a mobile base which included living space, tracking and surveillance equipment, disguises and costumes, and various types of weapons.


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    Lyons is a petite but very fit woman. she has reddish blond hair and blue eyes. She has worn various costumes since her first appearance. When she first created the guise as Vagabond she started with a black domino mask, purple tights, white t-shirt, and violet leather jacket. When she joined Stars and Stripes, she changed her look to a white and red striped bathing suit, red calf high wrestling boots, red gloves, blue domino mask, and finally a blue cropped tank top. While on her mission as a Scourge she wore the operative's costume of a skull mask, opera hat, gloves, buttoned trench coat, all in white.

    Personal Data


    • Height: 5'6"
    • Weight: 120lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Redish Blond


    • Place of Birth: Gary, Indiana, U.S.A
    • Base of Operations: Currently unknown, formerly New York, formerly Miami, Florida, formerly Santa Monica, California D-Man's Mansion
    • Identity: Secret
    • Marital status: Single
    • Citizenship: American
    • Known Relatives: Phil (Brother, deceased), Unnamed father, Unnamed mother.
    • Occupation: Formerly adventurer
    • Education: Highschool diploma

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