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Vaclav is a fence for stolen goods, that lives in Ravnica. He has some ties to Dack Fayden but to what extent is yet to be discovered.


Vaclav is a character created by Matt Forbeck for his series Magic the Gathering.

Major Story Arc

Magic the Gathering

Dack Fayden has just stolen the Ancient Fang from the Cult of Rakdos, and Vaclav had gotten wind of it. He found Dack at Fadka's shop. He then tried to convince Dack to let him sell the artifact, but Fadka attempts to kick him out of her shop. Before she does Dack says that after he is done with the artifact, he'll find Vaclav. This seems good enough for Vaclav but he leaves Dack with a warning to find him before they find Dack.

Path of Vengence

While Dack is on another Plane, Vaclav is attacked by Sifa Grent's agents, and left for dead. Lucky for him Dack finds him and takes him to Fadka to be healed.

Later, when Vaclav is fulled healed and Dack is gone, Vaclav tells Maytov about one of Dack's safe houses. Then when Dack returns to Fadka's he questions Vaclav about why he sent Maytov, and Vaclav says he sent him to help. Dack believes him and invites the fence to help him stop Sifa from destroying the the tree of Vitu-Ghazi and thus destroy all of Ravnica.

Vaclav goes along, but complains most of the way. When the group finds them selves in the Golgari, Vaclav tries to get them a boat but fails and the group needs to make a quick escape.

Later when the group goes against Sifa, Vaclav tries to convince Fadka to run away but she stays and fights. This causes Vaclav to have a change of conscious and instead of fleeing, Vaclav attacks Sifa, stabbing her with a sword.

Sadly Vaclav doesn't kill her, and she turns on him killing him. Later, when Dack is asked about Vaclav he comments "he died a hero".


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