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    One of the five Phlebiac Brothers, Vacillator is a native of Hell itself. He can be told apart from his brothers by the fact that he only has one eye.

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    Vacillator tends to be the most annoying of the brothers. Mainly because he cannot make up his mind about things. He always says one thing then changes it to the exact opposite. The brother he annoys the most is Vaporizer, he always tells Vacillator to "shut it".


    Vacillator was created by writer Alan Moore and artist Bart Sears and made his first appearance in Violator# 1 in 1994.

    Major Story Arcs


    Vacillator makes his first appearance in the Violator miniseries. Vacillator along with his other brothers attack Violator. While watching Vandalizer throw Violator they are attacked by the Admonisher(who is hunting Violator) throughout the fight he can't make up his mind on which tactic would work out the best. In the end he is riddled with bullets chasing Tony Twist's assistant dressed as Violator(they believe he is the real Violator) into hell, while being chased by the Admonisher.


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