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    The Kree Star Brand gone rogue.

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    A soldier obedient to the Kree Empire, Va-Sohn investigated the disappearance of her brother, Mar-Sohn, after the White Event that occurred in their home planet. However, her brother appeared, having become Nightmask, and alongside Trrunk and Joras-Kyl, who were the Justice and the Cipher. He explained that Va-Sohn was chosen to be the new Starbrand. She was doused in light and received the power of the Starbrand.

    After the other heralds explained her role as Starbrand, Va-Sohn prioritized her duty to the Kree Empire and used her powers to kill Mar-Sohn and Trrunk, arguing that she should use her full power to sever the empire with no conscience or agent to limit her power. She spares Joras-Kyl to use his intellect for her goals.

    Va-Sohn first wipes out all of Tarnax VII before setting her sights on Earth. However, she and Joras-Kyl are teleported to Starbrand's area by Libra so that both her and the Earth Starbrand, Kevin Connor, would fight. They're unable to complete their duel, however, as a fail-safe in the Starbrand power causes them to become attracted to one another and kiss. Kevin threatens hers out of destroying more planets, and she and Joras-Kyl are taken back to their home planet by Libra to contemplate their next move.


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