V for Vendetta

    Movie » V for Vendetta released on March 17, 2006.

    A film adaption of Alan Moore's famed comic. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't thrilled about it.

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    The movie is loosely based on the ten issue maxi-series of the same name. Many details and plot points have been changed or completely removed. The screenplay focuses more on the relationship between Evey and V than the source material did. The characters of Mr. Almond and his wife are non-existent, and the both the opening and the climax. As a result, writer Alan Moore kept his name off the project, and it is credited as being based on graphic novels "illustrated by David Lloyd." In the short Freedom! Forever! Making V for Vendetta, available as a special feature on the DVD (and presumably the BluRay), these changes are justified by the density of the source material versus time and budgetary constraints.

    Now, over a decade after the film's theatrical release, V's distinctive mask and costume can still be found in costume shops and is a popular item during Halloween. The film, not the comics, prompted the direct action group Anonymous to take up the Guy Fawkes mask as their symbol.


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    "Remember, remember the Fifth of November" 0

    Alan Moore is one of the most celebrated writers in comics.  It only makes sense to tap his excellent selection of works as source materials for movies.  V for Vendetta was not the first of the Alan Moore movies, From Hell (2001) is if I remember correctly.  V for Vendetta would mark an important event, Alan Moore distancing himself from the movies that are based on his graphic novels.   This distancing from V for Vendetta is not because of the quality of the movie, but because of his...

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    Vividly Violent and Viciously Vivacious! 0

    While some might decry it is not identical or that they have altered the concept of Alan Moore’s vision, I have to honestly say that I was not a particular fan of the graphic novel. But I found the movie adaptation to be immensely enjoyable as I found some of the subplots to be confusing and tiresome as well as not really contributing very much to the rest of the story.The basics are still the same but it is slightly different as V is portrayed as a more heroic and idealistic light. His ba...

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    One of the best political vigilante movies 0

    There's no point in getting into the political vs. humanity aspect of this film, but I will say that it was approached in a beautiful juxtaposition of inner turmoil and cultural harmony. The characters are complex, but understandable. V, himself, is one of the most spectacular characters I've ever seen on film. I could watch this movie repetitively for a year and never be bored of it. It makes me investigate every dark corner of my own intellectualism and empathy. I highly recommend that everyo...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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