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    Sheldon Sampson gained superpowers along with his brother Walter and their four companions on a mysterious island and became The Utopian, leader of the Union, husband of Grace, and father of Brandon and Chloe

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    Sheldon Sampson discovered the island that gave the superheroes its powers because he dreamed about it. He led the others to it and they came back as superheroes. He is known as The Utopian and together with his wife Grace he has two children, Brandon and Chloe, who don't care much about being superheroes.


    Sheldon's powers made him one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet. He possessed immense superhuman strength, speed, durability, the ability to fly, decelerated aging, telekinesis, and many other superhuman abilities. Sheldon was a basic hand-to-hand fighter, learning how not to always rely on his powers when fighting different opponents.

    In The Other Media

    Jupiter's Legacy

    Josh Duhamel as Utopian
    Josh Duhamel as Utopian

    Utopian in the Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy is portrayed by Josh Duhamel.

    Super Crooks

    No Caption Provided

    In the animated spin-off of the live action series, Utopian is voiced by Yusuke Sasaki.


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