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Uonuma Usui the "Blind Sword," was once a swordsman working for the shogunate government. This lead him into conflict with a young Hitokiri, Shishio Makoto, he remembers it as the fight of his life but in the midst of battle he was blinded and  left to die. 
As he lay there dehydrated and hungry he became aware of a sound and rushed towards it. Only when he reached the spring did he realize he had heard it from almost a mile away, he had been saved and been granted even more power than he had before. Usui speculates that it was coming close to death and returning to life that is the origin of this ability.  He made his way back to the Ryukyu Islands where he took up the ancient fighting style native there. 
He then developed quite a reputation as a heartless killer who could see into other mens minds. Soon he was approached by Shishio who had also been brought close to death thanks to being burnt alive by the very people he once served. Their was one condition that he had before joining however  that Usui could try to kill Shishio anytime he gots the chance. Shishio agreed and Usui used this to his advantage and became even more revered and feared thanks to his many attempts on shishio's life and that some thought shishio feared him.
 When he is called to a meeting along with the ten swords he immediately attacks shishio and takes all his orders without any problems. He tries to ally himself with anji during the formalities but cant broker the deal because the man is not interested. 
Himself Sojiro and Anji remain at their hideout after shishio invites kenshin and company to attack them. He is disapointed that Anji could not kill even 1 of their enimies. He is then faced with Saitō  while he has the upper had the entire fight he loses his cool when Saito points out that deep down Usui knows he will not be able to kill Shishio (because Shishio came closer to death than Usui and developed an even greater power than the Shingan) and just boasts about killing him to hide that fact from everyone else. Saitō also points out that Shishio knows this too and is just playing along to use Usui. Since Usui cannot kill Shishio, he kills people weaker than himself to boost his ego
Overconfident he closes the gap between them and unknown to him saito can use his weapon from point blank range and he is severed in two. 


  Usui wears a suite covered/adorned with many artistic depictions of eyes while over his eyes he wears a piece of cloth. This gives him a vague resemblance of "Blind Justice". He also has peirced ears slicked down hair and often a cruel/ evil smile.

Skills and abilities

 He possesses the Shingan (Eye of Heart), which actually is superhuman hearing that lets him hear another's heartbeat thus enabling him to sense people around him and detect the emotions of others. This ability is so advanced that it appears to be similar to the sonar of a dolphin or bat.
 Usui, a native of the Ryukyu Islands, fights using a short spear with a weighted end - the rochin - to attack, and a tortoise shell - the tinbei - as a shield to deflect attacks and block the enemy's vision.
 According to Chō, he is the second strongest of the Ten Swords.

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