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    Usopp is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates who is famous for frequently lying. He wants to be a great warrior of the sea.

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    Usopp is the son of Yasopp, the sniper of the Red-Haired Pirates; and Banchina. Usopp never really knew much about his father, but he cared deeply for his mother. As she became more and more ill, Usopp was lie to his mother that his father would be returning in the hopes that it would make her feel better. He was a young boy when she finally passed away, and he continued his tradition of running through the town and lying about a pirate attack. He would eventually make friends with Kaya, the sickly young girl who was the daughter of a local rich family. From the tree by her window, he would often tell her the stories he'd make up of his adventures.


    One Piece Vol. 3 JPN (Jun 1998)
    One Piece Vol. 3 JPN (Jun 1998)

    Usopp (ウソップ, Usoppu) is one of the main characters in the series One Piece that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueiesha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. He first appeared in the Syrup Village Arc that began in Volume 3.

    He first appeared in One Piece Volume 3, CH. 23 "Captain Usopp Appears".

    Usopp's name is most likely derived from the Japaese phrases 嘘 (うそ, uso), which means lie. He's also believed to be partially inspired by the ancient Greek story teller Aesop. In Japanese his name is spelled as イソップ (Isoppu). When Usopp introduced himself he says, "I'm Usopp. (俺はウソップ, Ore wa Usoppu)". This could also be mistake for saying, "I'm a liar".

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    Syrup Village Arc

    Usopp thought a band of dangerous pirates were sailing up to the island, but they turned out of be a trio of good pirates. One of which was Monkey D. Luffy, who had heard about Usopp from his father. Soon after Usopp went to see Kaya, he was taunted by her butler Klahador until he punched him. As Usopp was fuming near the edge of the island, he and Luffy witnessed Klahador, really an infamous pirate called 'Captain Kuro', plotting with Jango about killing Kaya. He tried to warn Kaya, but she refused to believe him.

    Luffy, Zoro, and Nami agreed to help protect the village from the coming horde of Black Cat Pirates. However, they picked the wrong shore and had to rush to block the pirates. Their plan seemed to be working until Kuro arrived and Kaya witnessed the truth. She ran into the woods with Jango following her, and Usopp followed with Zoro as Luffy fought with Kuro and his crew. Zoro cut away the trees in Usopp's live of fire to stop Jango form killing Kaya. Later, Kaya gave the Straw Hat Pirates the Going Merry as a gift, and they offered Usopp to join the crew.

    Baratie Arc

    After a run in with Johnny and Yosaku, two of Zoro's old bounty hunter allies,they directed them to the Baratie restaurant to find a cook for their ship. While eating there, the floating restaurant was attack by the Don Krieg Pirates, and Usopp had stolen the Going Merry before the chaos. After Zoro was defeated by Dracule Mihawk, Luffy ordered Usopp and the others to take Zoro and bring Nami back no matter what. Lussy stayed behind to fight Don Krieg.

    Arlong Park Arc

    The search for Nami led them to an island under he control of the Arlong Pirtaes, a gang of violent fish-men. Zoro and Johhny abandoned their ship, with Zoro tied to it, to swim ashore, rather than face the fish--men who spotted them. While exploring a town devastated by Arlong, Usopp met Nojiko, Nami's sister. Usopp was then captured by the Arlong Pirates to take tot he base. Nami was there, and she saved Usopp's life. She pretended to stab Usopp, but really cut her own hand when she tackled him. He fell into the water to get away and was left for dead.

    Usopp later found Luffy, who had Sanji from Baratie join the crew. He told them all when had happened, and Nojiko told them the story of how Arlong murdered their mother. Nami has been stealing to buy back the freedom of the village. However, when Arlong betrayed Nami, Usopp joined the rest of the crew to attack Arlong Park. Usopp ran form the battle, but he was chased down by Choo. Usopp won this fight by playing dead to make him lower his guard. He returned just as Luffy defeated Arlong, and Nami agreed to join the crew officially.

    Loguetown Arc

    On the way to Loguetown, the crew discovered they were now known of and Luffy has a wanted poster. They were able to do some shopping on Loguetown, and Usopp bought some rare sniper goggles from the North Blue. When Luffy was attacked by the Buggy Pirates, Usopp joined Nami to prepare the ship to launch as a large storm was coming in. They saved the Going Merry from being burned down by Mohji, and left for the Grand Line after the others arrived.

    Reverse Mountain Arc

    Immediately upon entering the Grand Line, the Straw Hats got swallowed along with their ship by a giant whale. Inside the belly they met Crocus, the doctor of Laboon the whale. He told them how Laboon has been hurting himself by by trying to break through the Red Line to find the pirate crew that left him behind over fifty years ago. Usopp and the rest were shocked as they watched Luffy attack Laboon. Though, he did it to create a rivalry between them until he returned. Out of gratitude, Crocus gave them a log pose, then they agreed to take Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 back to their home at Whiskey Peak.

    Baroque Works Saga: Whiskey Peak Arc

    It appeared that the people of Whiskey Peak were welcoming them with a party, but the town was full of bounty hunters. They trapped pirates by throwing lavish parties and getting them drunk. Usopp and Sanji fell into this trap, and they were asleep through much of the events. They were dragged back to the ship and only woke up to learn they were on the run from Baroque Works, an evil organization; and Miss Wednesday was the Vivi, princess of Alabasta.

    Baroque Works Saga: Little Garden

    The crew made port on Little Garden, a jungle island filled with dinosaurs and two giants. Nami and Usopp were taken by Broggy and thought he intended to eat them. However, he was friendly. He had been there for nearly 100 years in a duel with his rival Dorry. Usopp was in awe of this dedication and warrior spirit. As he stayed to watch, Nami left and was abducted by two Baroque Works agents on the island.

    Usopp joined the fight to save Nami, Zoro and Vivi along with Luffy and Karoo. Usopp was able to free Luffy form Miss Golden Week's control, and freed the other from Mr. 3's diabolical wax trap with a rope doused in oil. The crew now had an eternal pose to Alabasta, thanks to Sanji convincing Sir Crocodile that they were all dead.

    Baroque Works Saga: Drum Island Arc

    While on the way to Alabasta, Nami had fallen deathly ill, Vivi agreed they needed to find a doctor, and they sailed upon Drum Island. The only doctor they had was living at the top of the steep mountains. Usopp stayed behind with Vivi as Luffy and Sanji carried Nami up. As they waited, Wapol, the former king of Drum Island, returned in force. Usopp tried to help, but the current leader Dalton was injured and the village was swarmed by a sudden avalanche. Just as things seemed to be getting worse, Zoro arrived and helped defeat Wapol's men. Usopp, Dalton, and Zoro went to the top of the mountain to finish Wapol, but Luffy had blasted him off the island by the time they arrived, and invited Tony Tony Chopper, a talking reindeer, to be their crew doctor.

    On the trip to Alabasta, Nami talked to Usopp alone about asking him to create a weapon for her to use in the fights ahead.

    Baroque Works Saga: Alabasta Arc

    The plan to use their reported death was spoiled as they ran across Mr. 2, one of the Baroque Woks. He had seen their faces and had the power to mimic anyone he touched. Their landing on port found the whole crew being chased by Smoker and the Navy. They managed to escape with the help of Portgas D. Ace, Luffy's brother. He soon left after talking with Luffy and cleared away the Baroque Works ships in their way.

    The plan to stop the civil war at Yuba was ruined when they found the rebels had already left, ad the direction was changed to Rainbase, to go after Crocodile. Once there, Usopp gave Nami the Climate Baton he finished, and he and several of the Straw Hats were captured in Crocodile's casino. Sanji helped free them, and they rode on to Alubarna as Luffy stayed behind to fight Crocodile.

    The crew used a plan to separate the Baroque Works agents. Usopp was against Mr. 2 but he lost and was robbed of his sniper goggles. He then went to help Chopper fight Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4. Usopp took a terrible beating in the fight. He was able to trick Mr. 4 into knocking out Miss Merry Christmas, and he then launched one of his hammers at Mr. 4 using Choppers horns for a sling shot. Chopper then had to wrap Usopp in bandages, due to his injuries.

    Luffy won the fight against Crocodile, but the crew had to leave Abalasta to avoid the Naval blockage. Mr. 2 surprised them all by sacrificing himself to save the Straw Hats, and allowed them to arrive at their meeting place with Vivi. Once there, she said her goodbyes. Unable to call back to Vivi with the Navy nearby, they turned their backs and displayed the marks on their arms that showed their bond of friendship.

    Jaya Arc

    Soon after they escaped pursuit, they discovered that Nico Robin, Miss All Sunday of Baroque Works, had stowed away and asked Luffy to join the crew. Luffy agreed becasue she had saved his life, but Usopp and many were unsure. Not soon after that, a giant galleon nearly crashed on the Going Merry from the sky. It had come from one of the sky islands, but they had no idea of how to get there.

    Robin returned from Jaya with information about Montblanc Cricket, and the crew quickly befriended the man. He agreed to help modify their ship to use the Knock-Up Steam to get them to the sky islands while they searched for a South Bird. Cricket and his allies were attacked while they were gone by the Bellamy Pirates. Luffy returned from getting Cricket's things back just in time to launch into the White Sea via the Knock-Up Stream.

    Skypiea Arc

    Once in the White Sea, the crew was attacked by a wild man with a bazooka, but saved by Gan Fall, a knight on a flying horse. On Skypiea, the crew met Conis and her father, Pagaya; but Usopp was left with Luffy and Sanji as the rest were abducted on the Going Merry to the Upper Yard, the forbidden land of God Eneru. Usopp and the guys sailed through Upper Yard and choose the Trails of Balls path. They were met by Satori, one of Eneru's priests; and he could seem to read their minds. Luffy and Sanji defeated Satori, and they caught up to the crew.

    That night after the celebrating, Usopp saw someone working on the Going Merry. It seemed like a ghost, and the next day the Going Merry was repaired. The crew had split up as part of the plan to raid the city of gold that could be found on the Upper Yard, but Eneru had appeared on the Merry to confront Gan Fall, who was currently traveling with them. Both Usopp and Sanji were nearly killed by Eneru's lightning powers.

    Usopp and Sanji woke up and found Nami had been abducted aboard the flying ship Maxim by Eneru. They boarded the ship with one fo Usopp's devices, and he was unlucky enough to be the first to find Nami with Eneru. Sanji arrived to rescue them both, but Usopp returned for Sanji to save him from sacrificing himself. The crew could only watch as Nami rode Luffy up the Giant Jack to attack Eneru and save Upper Yard from being destroyed. After a victory party with the locals, the crew collected treasure and Usopp traded with the locals for a variety of their special shells called dials to make some new weapons. They then returned to the blue sea.

    Davy Back Fight Arc

    On Longring Longland, the Straw Hats got dragged into a Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates. Usopp, Nami, and Robin nearly one the water race along the island, but they still lost, due to Foxy's interference with his Slow-Slow beam. The crew one the second round, and Usopp acted as Luffy's second during the duel against captains. Luffy won the Davy Back Fight, but they were soon confronted by Admiral Aokiji. He seemed to be after Robin and froze her entire body. Usopp and Nami carried her back to the ship so Chopper could save her. Her life was saved, but Luffy was brought back frozen by Zoro and Sanji. Aokiji was nowhere to be seen.

    Water Seven Arc

    On Water Seven, they all thought they could finally get the Going Merry repaired after they cashed in all their treasure. However, Usopp was robbed of the 200 million he was carrying by the Franky Family. He was ashamed, and got beaten up again as he tried to get the money back. Back at the ship Usopp was blaming himself, but they told him how the Galley-La Workers told them the Merry couldn't be repaired. Usopp refused to believe it and the argument got heated. Not only did Usopp leave the Straw Hats, he challenged Luffy to a due for the rights to the Going Merry. Usopp pulled out every weakness he knew about Luffy, but he lost. Luffy left Usopp the ship and the crew left him behind.

    In the coming chaos on Water Seven, the Going Merry and Usopp were taken by Franky. He told Usopp about the legend of the Klabautermann, and forced Usopp to understand why the Merry couldn't be repaired. Usopp finally admitted that he knew it was the truth. He just couldn't leave the ship becasue it had been a gift from Kaya. Soon after, the Cipher Pol No. 9 had abducted Franky and Usopp got dragged along. While on the sea train heading for Enies Lobby, He learned form Sanji how Robin had seemingly betrayed the crew by working with the CP-9, but was actually protecting them and was going to Eneis Lobby to her death.

    Usopp was too prideful to help save Robin as himself, so he donned a mask and started calling himself Sniper King (ソゲキング, Sogekingu). Usopp was the first to reach Robin but she refused to be rescued. He even betrayed them just as they succeeded in rescuing her. Usopp still tried to tell her to believe in Luffy. Though they failed to stop her, they jumped aboard the ship with Luffy, the Franky Family, and the Galley-La Workers.

    Eneis Lobby Arc

    Luffy had already jumped into Eneis Lobby, and the rest of the crew fought to catch up. At the gates, Luffy saw two giants named Oimo and Kashii. They had been tricked into working for the Navy by telling them that Dorry and Broggy were held prisoner. Usopp told them the truth about Little Garden, and the giants joined the Straw Hats side. Once at the top of the tower, Luffy had Usopp use his Kabuto slingshot to burn the World Government flag to prove to Robin and the Cp-9 that they would declare war against the world to save her.

    Once on the other side of the gorge, they learned that they needed to defeat the CP-9 members to find which had the key to Robin's sea prism stone cuffs. Usopp first came across Jabra, a man who could change into a giant wolf. Usopp was nearly killed when he fell for Jabra's lies, but Zoro came crashing through the floor with Kaku. The the following chaos, Zoro and Usopp were accidentally cuffed together by the wrists. Usopp had to hold one of Zoro's swords and act as one of his katana, but he turned into more of a shield. Nami appeared with the key they needed, and Sanji told Usopp to do what he could to help. He quickly realized this meant sniping. Usopp went to the top of the Tower of Justice, and he sniped at Spandam and the Navy from dragging Robin away. This also bought Franky enough time to get the key to free Robin.

    The Naval Buster Call was in full force, and the Straw Hats had to buy time for Luffy as he fought with Rob Lucci. Usopp could see how Luffy appeared beaten. He finally revealed his face and inspired Luffy to stand and continue to fight. Usopp and the crew managed to escape by the sudden appearance of the Going Merry. However, the Merry cracked in two on the trip back to Water Seven. They were forced to give her a viking funeral at sea.

    Back on Water Seven, Usopp stayed mostly to himself. Oimo and Kashii offered to take him to Elbaf, home of the giants; but he refused. He had grand ideas of how the Straw Hats would beg to have him back, but he soon discovered they were leaving on their new ship, the Thousand Sunny. From shore, Usopp begged to be forgiven, and Luffy stretch out his arm to bring him back into the fold.

    Thriller Bark Arc

    After running into a talking skeleton named Brook in the Florian Triangle, the crew was captured in the bordered of Thriller Bark, and Usopp, Nami, and Chopper crashed ashore on the Mini Merry. The island was swarming with zombies, but they found refuge in the castle of Dr. Hogback. Though, after Nami was attacked by an invisible man in the bath. they found that Hogback was the one creating the zombies. The trio was abducted to have their shadows removed my Gecko Moria, but they managed to escape. Once Nami was abducted by Absalom, Usopp joined by up with the crew to rescue her and get their stolen shadows back.

    When the crew faced Perona and her negative ghost powers, Usopp was the only one immune to her negativity. He faced her alone, but she still had her exploding ghosts, and couldn't seem to land a hit. Usopp nearly lost when Kumacy joined in, but he found the courage to continue with his Sniper King mask. Once Usopp realized that the Perona he was seeing was a projection, he found her real body and used one of his fake ten ton hammers. She was so terrified of being crushed that she passed out just as the infallible balloon popped just before hitting her. The ghost princess was defeated, but there was still the giant Oars, who powered by Luffy's shadow.

    The united power of the Straw Hats against Oars and Moria wasn't enough until a super powered Luffy appeared. With his Nightmare Luffy boost depleted, the entire crew was aided by Brook in defeating Oars. Brook was later invited to join the crew, and they left Thriller Bark.

    Sabaody Archipelago Arc

    After a run in with the mermaid Camie, the Straw Hats found themselves rescuing one of their old foes, Hatchan of the Arlong Pirates, from kidnappers. Out of gratitude, he leads them to Sabaody Archipelago to find a coating engineer for their ship. While Usopp stayed on the ship, they received word that Camie had been kidnapped to be sold into slavery. After rescuing her from the Celestial Dragons, the crew meets Silvers Rayleigh, Hatchan's friend and the first mate of Gold Roger.

    While the crew planned on going into hiding while Rayleigh prepared the ship's coating, they were suddenly cut off by who they later discovered was a cyborg copy of Bartholomew Kuma. It took the combined forces of all the Straw Hats to defeat it, but more arrived along with Sentomaru and Admiral Kizaru. Defeat seemed certain until the real Kuma appeared. With his powers, he cast each of the crew off the island, and they were helples to stop him.

    Lost Friends Mini Arc

    Usopp landed on the wild Bowin Islands and met a strange man named Heracles. He guided Usopp, but he fell victim to the forest of food. Usopp ended up eating so much that he became incredibly fat, and could hardly avoid dying in the island filled with man-eating plants.

    Dawn Island Arc

    After news reached Usopp that Luffy had taken part in the Paramount War at Marineford and witnessed the death of this brother, he frantically tried to escape the island. Usopp knew very well that Luffy needed them all in his time of crisis. However, some time later, the paper arrived with a picture of Luffy on the cover with a code written on his arm. Usopp figured out that it meant for the crew to reunite in two years. Usopp prepared for the journey ahead by training hard with Heracles, and cultivating the pop green seeds that could be found on the island.

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    After two years of training, Usopp arrived on Sabaody with Heracles. The first person he ran into was Nami in a local bar and having an altercation with some pirates trying to impersonate them. Once they found Chopper, the crew began to reunite at the Thousand Sunny before sailing off to Fish-Man Island. After a hectic journey that involved a pirate raid, a kraken that Luffy wanted to tame, and underwater volcanoes, the crew arrived at Fish-Man Island. Though, they had to zoom past a gang calling themselves the New Fish-Man Pirates.

    The crew got separated in the currents of the island, and Usopp woke up at the home of Camie with Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper. Once a blood donor was found for Sanji, after his massive blood loss at Mermaid Cove, the crew found Brook and were soon invited to Ryugu Palace by King Neptune. Any party they had planned was interrupted as the Straw Hats were being falsely accused of kidnapping and Mermaid Cove. The crew defeated the royal guard and accidentally found themselves taking the royal palace hostage. Things hold got worse as Luffy had gone missing and Hody Jones, captain of the New Fish-Man Pirates, began his coup. Usopp was captured and locked into a cage with Zoro and Brook. They later managed to escape the flooding room once Zoro had been given one of his swords.

    With the crew back together, they took part in the war an Conchcorde Plaza to save the royal family form Hody's men. Usopp fought with Chopper against Daruma, using many of the same tricks they had used together back in Alabasta. After Chopper went to fight Dosun, Usopp handled Daruma solo. He placed his pop green traps strategically and defeated the drug boosted fish-man.

    After the party to celebrate their victory, Luffy made things worse for the crew by openly picking a fight with Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors. Usopp and Chopper was terrified of entering the New World, where Big Mom and her men would be waiting for them.

    Punk Hazard Arc

    Usopp and Nami team up to defeated Baby 5 and Buffalo
    Usopp and Nami team up to defeated Baby 5 and Buffalo

    Usopp was unlucky enough to join Luffy as he wanted to explore the flaming island of Punk Hazard, while responding to a distress call. The island seemed to be covered in fire, and they were attacked by a giant dragon. They later found the lower body of a samurai stuck to the dragon, after Zoro killed it. Upon further exploration, they found the other half of the island was covered in ice. While trying to cross the lake, Usopp and the crew was fired upon by a gang of centaurs, led by Brownbeard. Brook saved them, and they forced Brownbeard to carry them to the facility where Sanji, Franky, Nami, and Chopper had been held. Once they found them, their minds and bodies had been mixed up by the powers of Trafalgar Law, and they escaped with many giant children.

    The crew was soon attacked by the Yeti Cool Brothers, but Luffy further shocked them when he returned form saving Nami with news that he had formed an alliance with Trafalgar Law. Usopp stayed with Nami, who was now in Sanji's body, as they watched over the children. They were then attacked by Caesar Clown to get his test subjects back, but saved from death by Brownbeard. On a mission to rescue the kids and escape the deadly poison covering the island, Usopp, Nami, and Brownbeard infiltrated Caesar's facility with the rest of the crew, and the Navy G-5. Robin asked Usopp to find some sea prism stone cuffs to use to capture Caesar.

    With Caesar defeated, Baby 5 and Buffalo were trying to escape with Caesar, on orders from Don Quixote Doflamingo. Nami stopped them from flying away, and Usopp finished them off. He fires the sea stone cuffs so they shot around Caesar's neck. After a party to celebrate their victory, Usopp and much of the crew finally learned that the alliance with the Heart Pirates was intended to take down Kaido, one of the Four Emperors. The first step of that was to destroy the SMILE factory hidden on Dressrosa.

    Dressrosa Arc

    In disguise on Dressrosa
    In disguise on Dressrosa

    Once landed at Dressrosa, Usopp was made part of the team that would transport Caesar Clown to Greenbit, along with Traflagar Law and Nico Robin. This was a distraction intended to draw Don Quixote and his men away from their base. After braving the treacherous journey across the iron bridge, they arrived on Greenbit to find the Navy already there. Both Usopp and Robin were then abducted by the Tontatta people and taken to their underground kingdom. Usopp then convinced them he was the descendent of Montblanc Noland, who they had idolized. It seemed like a great idea until they wanted Usopp to lead them in their war against Don Quixote's forced that same day.

    Powers & Abilities


    Although Usopp is the weakest member of the Straw Hats, he is exceptionally skilled in marksmanship, engineering, and very resourceful . He has frequently displayed feats of marksmanship that seems nearly impossible.


    Usopp makes up for his lack of physical strength with impressive level of subterfuge. Many of the weapons he has created are intended to intimidate an enemy by fooling them into making them think he is far stronger than he is. He has created two giant hammers that imply they weight over a ton, becasue of the weight written on the sides. These normally weight either a few pounds or are inflatable.

    On top of developing his own unique weapons and pachinko shots that he fires with his slingshot, he has developed several weapons that he's used in combat. He's the inventor of Nami's first two Climate Batons, and his own Kabuto slingshot.


    Usopp's greatest weakness is his lack of physical strength and courage. He's easily intimidated against a powerful or dangerous enemy.

    Weapons & Equipment


    While exploring Loguetown, Usopp found a pair of sniper goggles from the North Blue. These had retractable lenses that can zoom his vision and can shield his eyes from bright light.

    After this two years of training, Usopp is no longer using these goggles.


    Ginga Pachinko

    The Ginga Pachinko (銀河パチンコ Ginga Pachinko) is the first slingshot of Usopp. This is a standard, green slingshot with no unique abilities.


    The Kabuto (カブト Kabuto) is the second slingshot that Usopp has developed for fighting. This slingshot is far larger thatis powered by dial technology is the harness of the sling. The various points where the lings are attached to the body allow for both an increase in power and accuracy.

    Black Kabuto and Chomping Grass

    Black Kabuto
    Black Kabuto

    The Black Kabuto ("黒"カブト Kuro Kabuto) is the third slingshot of Usopp. The biggest difference in this version is that it is made from a living organism that he gained from the Bowin Islands, during his training. While the design appears similar to the original Kabuto, this black, handheld slingshot can grow in size once watered. That will also awaken the Chomping Grass (バクン草 Bakun Sō) plant in the sling. This plant can chew through solid mass, such as metal and stone, to use as ammo for a barrage shot.

    Pop Greens

    Pop Greens (ポップグリーン Poppu Gurīn) are a type of unique seeds from the Bowin Islands that can grow many of the deadly plants that can be found there. Usopp cultivated these seeds during his training, and he fires them at an enemy using the Black Kabuto. Usopp has a garden on the Thousand Sunny where he can grow more of these seeds.

    Sniper King Mask

    The Sniper King Mask (ソゲキング仮面, Sogekingu Kamen) is a mask that Usopp aquired while in Water Seven. When he abandoned the Straw Hats, he was too prideful to assist in saving Nico Robin as himself, so he put on this mask with a cape and started calling himself Sniper King. Most of the crew just humored him.

    Later on, this mask became a source of courage for Usopp. In Thriller Bark, when he became too afraid to fight, he put the mask on to return to the time he felt courageous while wearing it.

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Usopp's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 8 "Who Will Win? Showdown Between the True Powers of the Devil!, which aired on December 29, 1999. His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi, and the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation is performed by Sonny Strait.


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