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This issue is the first Usagi Yojimbo comic as his own title.

It reprints the following stories previously published in Albedo V1:

And contains the original story "The Confession"

Reprints of the stories

All four stories published in this issue were reprinted in the Usagi Yojimbo TPB #1: The Ronin.

Plot of "The Confession"

Usagi encounters a dying man on a lonely road. Pierced by ninja arrows, the man uses his last breaths to tell Usagi he is Nekohana, a retainer of Lord Nerai. His master was a counselor to Lord Hikiji and both were involved in the plot to assasinate young Lord Noriyuki, head of the Geishu Clan. He carries on him a confession, written by his Lord Nerai. This was written shortly before he comitted seppuku, demaned by Lord Hikiji, as the attempt to kill Noriyuki failed. Nekohana was sent to atone for his master's treachery and deliver the confession to the Shogun personally. Having failed, he begs Usagi to complete his mission.

Almost imedately, a band of Neko Ninja appear from nowhere to demand Usagi leave the document and mind his own business. Usagi must refuse as his honor demans he fulfill Nekohana's last request. A pitched battle ensues where the odds are stacked against Usagi. Fortunately, Tomoe Ame appears on horseback just in time and saves Usagi. Together they take the confession to her lord, the young Noriyuki.

Noriyuki, reading the confession, decides to take it himself to Edo and present it to the Shogun personally. He takes both Tomoe and Usagi as retainers.

Arriving at Edo, they are not granted an audience with the Shogun, but rather his servant Lord Okii Ashiyubi. Okii claims to be the Shogun's most trusted servant, and accepts the document.

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Lord Okii is soon met by the evil Lord Hebi. They are clearly not friends, but they serve the same master, Lord Hikiji! Okii passes the original document on to Hebi, and takes possesion of a crude forgery to pass along to the Shogun. It is hoped that this will humilate Noriyuki and the entire Geishu Clan. Lord Hebi can only thank Okii for his loyalty to Lord Hikiji.

Blissfully ignorant of this treachery, Usagi and Tomoe Ame enjoy their victory and share a short time of happiness, hinting at a romantic interest between them.



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Story Arcs

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