U.S. Agent theories

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What does everybody think is going to happen to John Walker after what happened in Thunderbolts? I have heard some people say he will become the new Iron Patriot. I really hope this is the cause. John Walker is one of my all time favorite characters. What would others like to see happen with him?

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That's not John's future, that's just your hopes

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@Crackdown said:
" That's not John's future, that's just your hopes "
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I am not to up to date on what's going on with the good ole US Agent, but the last I heard he was the Warden of the Vault which I thought was pretty cool idea. Is he still in the wheelchair? Did he cave and get cybernetic limbs and stuff?

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I think it would be pretty cool to see him get the Iron Patriot Armor do to his injuries.

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