John Walker Respect Thread

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For anyone that read Thunderbolts 147 this week, how bad ass was US Agent/John jumping out of his wheelchair and taking out the escaped prisoners?? T-Bolts is one of my favorite books these days and it was a serious kick ass moment. 
When I get the scans I will post them here.
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That was pretty bad ass. John Walker is seriously one of my favorite characters ever. He is such a flawed character but takes shit from no one. I hope they give him some cyborg limbs or clone him some body parts I want the US Agent back.

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He earned my respect the day he called out Herc on the God's in Marvel, he has skills and balls lol

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Saving Namor's ass from Wolverine was a cool moment too! 
; ) 
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they offered him cyborg body parts. He refused.
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