Uryu Ishida

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    Uryu Ishida is a human with high level spiritual powers called a Quincy. Uryu has a deep hatred for the Soul Reapers and fights using bow and arrow style spirit manifestation.

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    Appearance & Personality

    Schoolboy Ishida
    Schoolboy Ishida
    • Birthday: 06 November
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Height: 5'7" (171cm)
    • Weight: 121 lbs

    Uryu has a flare for being rather dramatic as he tends to give long speeches and constantly act ups when others overlook him. Uryu even makes his own Quincy uniform for when he joins the other humans to invade the Soul Society. Uryu is very meticulous too, making sure he has a spare cape to wear in case he loses his first one during a battle in the Soul Society.

    Quite possibly Uryu's most admirable quality is his disdain for the mistreatment of woman and weaker people. During several points in the series Uryu attacks characters that pick on Orihime, Rukia, or non- spiritually powered people.

    During the Battle of the Rubicon story Uryu fights in an everyday school uniform. He wear his glasses and even carries around a sewing kit in his back pack. After he joins Ichigo and the others to invade the Soul Society he wears the traditional Quincy uniform. This is made up of a white outfit that has a high neck collar jacket that hangs down close to his knees.

    The outfit also has white pants and shoes, again Uryu is rather dramatic so he chose to wear a uniform that has a useless cape that he has to replace after nearly getting devoured by a spirit entity that roams the connection between our world and the Soul Society.

    Part of this uniform is the sanrei gloves which help concentrate his powers and amplify the potency of his arrow's attack. During his battle with the Soul Reaper captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Uryu lets his full spirit power lose to defeat the mad scientist captain. At that point his powers manifest themselves as a samurai like armor. He has a chest plate that covers his upper body and baggy pants that tighten at the knees.


    Uryu grew up learning to be a Quincy from his grandfather, Soken Ishida. Uryu learned about the destruction of the Quincies from his grandfather and becomes a little bitter.

    Uryu Ishida is a young human with high spirit powers. As a young child Uryu was one of the last surviving member of the human equivalent to the Soul Reapers, the Quincies. Uryu was trained to embody his powers to resemble a bow and arrow even though he could also manifest it as a sword. When Uryu first appears he demonstrates his spiritual abilities by killing several Hollows and then tracking Ichigo and Rukia using the spiritual ribbons that are attached to everyone.

    Soken Ishida corrects Uryu by explaining that he has no right to hate the Soul Reapers, and that he has to get past these feelings to learn to work with the Soul Reapers. Ishida was stabbed by Ichigo Kurosaki when he tried to prevent Ichigo from decapitating Ulquiorra. Shoken explains that the hatred for each other is the reason the the Quincies were wiped almost completely out. Soken tries to pass on his desire to work with the Soul Reapers so that the response time when Hollows attack can be reduced so less humans are killed.

    Soken is killed when Uryu is young though, and Uryu didn't help because he wasn't strong enough, by several powerful Hollows. Uryu grows up and has to finish training himself since he father Ryuken Ishida gave up being a Quincy to become a doctor. Uryu went to school with Ichigo and the others, but doesn't stick out to them much. Uryu is the top student in the class though and part of the school sewing club.

    Battle of the Rubicon

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    Uryu tracks down Ichigo after he becomes a Soul Reaper and challenges him to a battle to determine who is greater, Soul Reapers or Quincy. Uryu brings out Hollow bait and releases it in the city. The bait attracts more and more Hollows as it spreads, causing the Hollows to attack anyone with high level spirit powers. Uryu hides the fact that he knows Ichigo's friends have high spiritual power like Ichigo's sister Karin. Uryu kills the Hollows from a distance using his spirit powered bow and arrow (he calls it Lone Sparrow.) while letting Ichigo run about the city. When it becomes too difficult to handle Uryu and Ichigo join together to kill the Hollows. The bait works so well though that it attracts a Menos Grande, a giant Hollow with an unbelievably high power level. Uryu can only stand by after the Menos Grande attacks and Ichigo beats it. After the battle though Ichigo's powers go rampant and Uryu has to absorb and release all the excess power through his Lone Sparrow. Uryu comes to realize that his grandfather was right about the bond that should be made between Quincy and Soul Reapers.

    Soul Society

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    During the Soul Society arc Uryu decides to train by himself to gain the next level of Quincy combat power. Uryu joins the others in their raid on the Soul Society and becomes separated from the others with Orihime. Uryu fights two different Soul Reapers, one a loud bully who attacks Orihime and the other the Soul Reaper captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. The first Soul Reaper tries to pick on Orihime and ends up being quickly beaten by Uryu.

    In his battle with Mayuri Kurotsuchi Uryu becomes paralyzed from one of Mayuri's attacks and listens as Mayuri taunts him and reveals that he in fact took his grandfather's body and began experimenting on him.

    This combined by Mayuri's continous abuse of his lieutenant, Nemu Kurotsuchi, pushes Uryu too far and he breaks his sanrei glove to pull out all of his power and defeat Mayuri. Unfortunately Uryu is poisoned during the battle and is only minutes away from dying as he watches Mayuri Kurotsuchi turn into a puddle and escape. He is saved by Nemu though as she reveals that she carries an antidote under her lieutenant's badge. Uryu, being the gentleman that he is insists that she drink half of it first. Nemu however reclines and informs him that she is immune to the poison since she is made of Mayuri's poison. Uryu gratefully takes the medicine and begins to move on towards the White Tower to find Rukia, joking that he is gonna get there before Ichigo as his wounds start to slowly kill him.

    As he turns climbs the last set of stairs leading to the Tower's courtyard Uryu is left face to face with Tosen, another Soul Reaper captain that easily defeats Uryu by using his Soul Pressure release only.

    Captured with Familiar Faces

    While in the Soul Society prison Uryu is greeted by two familiar faces, Ganju and Sado. Uryu begins to try and reason with the two of them on how they will escape, but is saved the effort as Kenpachi Zaraki, Orihime, and the highest seats in the 11th division break them out of jail. Uryu joins them as they begin to make their way to the execution grounds.

    Sitting the Bench

    After the team is confronted by the truth behind the plot Aizen set in motion in the Soul Society they return home with a bittersweet victory. Uryu leaves the group first and heads home so that he won't be seen by his father accompanying a Soul Reaper. At school Uryu can sense and see all the spirits that he used too, he just no longer has the ability to form and use his powers. When the Hollow alert goes off Uryu hangs back because he isn't sure he can fight with others now that he has no powers.

    One night he goes to Ichigo's to repair Kon, who was apparently mauled by something while Ichigo and the others were gone. His first attempt was too girlie for Kon, who hits him for adding lace to him, so he just repairs him and leaves a Quincy symbol sewn to the back of Kon's head. After leaving Uryu wanders into a park where he is attacked by a pair of Hollows that were attracted by Ichigo when he is fighting Shinji. Uryu mistakes them as one Hollow and tries to use a few small silver charms that he has stored the energy he gained before he broke his glove. Unfortunately the Hollow is also a regenerator and heals almost instantly from the wound and goes on the attack. As Uryu is staring at possible defeat he is saved by Ryuken Ishida, his father.

    The True Quincy

    Ryuken explains to Uryu that he is ashamed by the fact that Uryu would lose his powers so easily after claiming he was the last Quincy. Uryu becomes angry with his father, but stares in disbelief as his father reveals that he is the true final Quincy. Ryuken admits that he may not like his Quincy background, but he does accept that he is the last true Quincy. Uryu is offered help by his father to regain his powers. Uryu is ready to accept his father's help, but he has to make a promise first. Uryu has to agree not to ever help the Soul Reapers again.

    Path to Recovery

    Uryu accepts his fathers help and goes into training where he has to avoid his father while also trying to defeat him. Uryu gives his all and even manages to lock his father away in a silver prism. Ryuken quickly breaks the prism and goes back on the attack, shooting Uryu point blank in the chest with one of his own arrows. Uryu passes out from the attack connecting, but when he wakes up he isn't dead. Instead his father's attack has revived all his former spirit powers. Ryuken explains that once a Quincy has lost their powers they can only gain them back by using what little remains of strength they have and then taking a shot from another Quincy to the chest, 19mm to the right of the heart.

    Return to Battle

    Uryu lays low training to improve his Quincy powers so that he can surpass his father. Than when Urahara comes and asks for his help Uryu only agrees because he wants to go against his father, but uses the loop hole that he isn't helping the Soul Reapers as much as he is helping his friend Orihime. Uryu shows up with Sado and demonstrates to Ichigo that he is more than capable of fighting. Ichigo accepts the help and the three move into the passage way set up by Urahara. Along the way they have to travel along a path made of energy (Ichigo makes on for him and Sado). Uryu spends a part of the trip making fun of Ichigo for not being able to control his energy as well.

    Battle against Ulquirra

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    When Yammy tries to attack Orihime Uryu arrives and shoots him with a arrow.

    When Yammy tries to retaliate, a landmine Uryū uses (which was developed by Mayuri, specifically designed for Arrancar) explodes and heavily injures him. However, Yammy is not dead yet, and is barely hanging on to the crumbling floor. Uryū tells him it's too bad the Espada ran into him, as he could have fought a little longer. He then says "Mala Suerte" (bad luck) as he shoots an arrow into Yammy, making him fall through every floor of Las Noches since Uryū broke all the pillars on the way up. Uryū then takes over protecting Orihime as Ichigo continues to finish his fight with Ulquiorra. Elsewhere, Uryū saved Loly by shooting her onto the side of the tower. Shortly after Ulquiorra attacks Ichigo with his Cero Oscuras, releasing an unbelievable amount of reiatsu, Orihime begins to worry even more. She asks Uryū to take her above Las Noches' dome, to which Uryū reluctantly agrees. Oddly enough, he thinks to himself that, "It was easy enough to guess what she would ask. I couldn't say no. But, I would immediately regret agreeing." This seems to imply that he is thinking back on his decision. He then takes Orihime up to the top of the dome using the same method of Hirenkyaku as he did while passing through the Garganta. He comments that the reiatsu above the dome (Ulquiorra's) is so strong it doesn't feel like normal reiatsu at all, as if there's an ocean in the sky. They arrive just in time to see Ulquiorra send an Instantaneous Cero Oscuras through Ichigo's chest, seemingly killing him. In order to buy Orihime time to heal Ichigo, Uryū faces off against Ulquiorra and fires a thousand arrows. They have no effect, to which Ulquiorra remarks how he thought Uryū was the calmest of all Ichigo's friends. Uryū states that he is fighting him because he is calm. During his fight with the Espada he suffers great injuries, including the loss of his left hand. However, Uryū had already applied anesthesia and stopped the bleeding from his injury. Telling Orihime to focus on Ichigo, Uryū draws out a Seele Schneider and continues to fight. Ulquiorra shoots him with a variation of Cero to knock him out, and Orihime panics. What they both fail to notice is that the seemingly dead Ichigo is moving, and his hair is extending into a mane. Uryu is later healed by Orihime as Ichigo leaves with Retsu Unohana.

    Joining the Wandenreich

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    In the Thousand Year Blood-War, Uryu joins the Wandenreich Army. He drinks Yhwach's blood and given the letter "A". He is chosen as Yhwach's successor to the shock of many members. During the night, Uryu attempts to go into Yhwach's room but is stopped by The Sternritter Grandmaster, Jugram Haschwalth, who pushes Uryu against the wall and tells him about Yhwach's history.

    Uryu, Haschwalth and Yhwach go towards the Soul King Palace and Ichigo finds Uryu with The Wandenreich. Uryu tells a surprised Ichigo to go home and watches as Yhwach attempts to absorb the Soul King. Uryu shoots an arrow at Yoruichi and Yhwach then successfully absorbs the Soul King and begins changing Soul Society.

    Battle with Haschwalth

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    Uryu and the other Schutszaffel are tasked with fighting against the Shinigami and Uryu plants various bombs around the area and is confronted by Haschwalth who wonders why Uryu is doing this before sending Uryu flying a considerable distance. He encounters Ichigo, Orihime and Chad. He is then forced to attack Ichigo in order to prove his loyalty and later tells Ichigo his true intentions which is to destroy Yhwach but unknown to them, Haschwalth knows about the plan and confronts both of them.

    Uryu decides to take on Haschwalth alone while Ichigo, Orihime and Chad leave. Haschwalth dominates Uryu and activates "The Balance". Uryu then activates "The Antithesis" and this in turn heavily injures Haschwalth while Uryu is completely healed. Haschwalth states that "The Antithesis" is capable of hurting Yhwach and Uryu decides to run away. Unfortunately for Uryu, Haschwalth's Balance makes Uryu have the same damage as Haschwalth with Haschwalth transferring his injuries to his shield thus healing him and getting him back to full health. Even worse, the injuries that Haschwalth got due to Uryu's Antithesis is sent back to Uryu thus causing even more damage.

    Uryu attempts to crawl away but is attacked by Haschwalth. Haschwalth begins talking to Uryu and Uryu angers Haschwalth by saying that he had friends. Before Haschwalth could kill Uryu, he is hit by a bright light which steals his powers and injuries him. Haschwalth tells Uryu to transfer his injuries to Haschwalth of which he does before leaving Haschwalth.

    As he is going towards Ichigo, he encounters his father and Isshin. His father gives him a silver arrow which he uses successfully against Yhwach only for Yhwach to survive but is later defeated by Ichigo.

    In the epilogue, Uryu becomes a doctor.

    Powers & Abilities

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    The Quincy are a clan of people with spiritual powers who are dedicated to protecting humanity from the Hollow. They train to manifest their powers into energy bows, and also use other spiritually powerful weapons, all of which are intended for use at range (though some can also be used in melee combat). Though their intentions were noble, the Quincies powers are quite possibly the most evil of all: their attacks literally destroy souls (unlike the blades of Shinigami, which merely purifies a Hollow soul and sends it to the afterlife, or the bite of a Hollow, which turns a soul into another Hollow). They were nearly wiped out by the Shinigami due to this destruction of souls, which while being morally horrifying, also was upsetting the balance between life and death.

    Uryu is a very powerful Quincy who likes to manifest his powers as a bow and arrow most of the time.

    In the first form it looks like a regular bow and energy but is made of raw soul pressure. Its size is completely dependent on the amount of energy that Uryu is controlling at that time.

    While in the Soul Society Uryu unleashes his second form for his bow and arrow. In the second stage of manifestation the now is still energy and Uryu gains an energy wing over his shoulder. Unlike the first form Uryu's arrows manifest as a solid form before firing and turn back to energy once they are released. Also in his second form Uryu's power cover him with an almost samurai looking armor.

    After Uryu loses his powers during the Soul Society Arc and regains his powers from his father his bow evolves. In its third form Uryu's bow can transform into a spider web looking energy field around his hand. In this form he can fire faster or manifest his bow in its true form as a sword.

    Uryu can also manifest his energy as a sword if he chooses, but he seems to like the advantage of long range attacks.

    Uryu can make energy blast as strong as the energy that he takes in from what is available in his surroundings.

    When Uryu is fighting the Hollows before the invasion of the Soul Society he uses a pendent to aim and focus his attacks through.

    Uryu later increases his attack ability when he uses the Sanrei gloves that he makes.

    Uryu is very efficient at taking out enemies when he uses his Lone Sparrow, winding the Hollows numbers down during his challenge against Ichigo.

    With the training that Uryu received from his grandfather Uryu can also track others by sensing their spirit ribbons.

    Uryu is very intelligent and even ranks as the number one seated student in his school.

    Despite his rather thin build Uryu actually takes quite a bit of damage and keeps fighting when he is in the Soul Society.

    His heightened stamina is more than likely due to his high spirit level and training to fight against stronger and faster enemies like the Hollows.

    His strongest ability is "The Antithesis" which is that he is able to reverse any occurrences that happened between two things or two people. An example being if he is injured grievously in a fight against an opponent who is lightly injured, he can switch his injuries with the opponent which ends with the opponent being grievously injured and Uryu being only lightly injured.


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