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A strange rumor ripples through the quiet town of Tomobiki—Lum is participating in an arranged marriage event! As Lum cheerfully gets dolled up for this intergalactic gala, Ataru pretends to be indifferent to the news. Upset that Lum might find the husband of her dreams, though, Ataru contemplates following her into outer space to check out the competition!


  • Chapter 1: Oh, Children! Set Your Aspirations High!
  • Chapter 2: The Swallow and the Penguin
  • Chapter 3: A Century by Age Three
  • Chapter 4: Her Majesty and the Amorous Rugby Player
  • Chapter 5: Revenge of the Protozoa
  • Chapter 6: Home is Where You Find It
  • Chapter 7: Deranged Marriage, Part 1
  • Chapter 8: Deranged Marriage, Part 2
  • Chapter 9: Deranged Marriage, Part 3
  • Chapter 10: Deranged Marriage, Part 4
  • Chapter 11: Marine Garbage Disposal
  • Urusei Yatsura Data File 09
  • Part 9 Notes
  • Chapter 12: O, Rain! Rain and Rain More! Part 1
  • Chapter 13: O, Rain! Rain and Rain More! Part 2
  • Chapter 14: O, Rain! Rain and Rain More! Part 3
  • Chapter 15: Panic at the Haunted Inn
  • Chapter 16: The Selfish Ghost
  • Chapter 17: Beach Mystery
  • Chapter 18: Typhoon Fun
  • Chapter 19: Secret Mission: Date Stakeout
  • Chapter 20: It's No Fun Being Sick!
  • Chapter 21: A Different Dracula
  • Chapter 22: Blood Drive of Love
  • Urusei Yatsura Data File 10
  • Part 10 Notes

Note: The digital edition (2/18/2020) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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Story Arcs

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