Ururu Tsumugiya

    Character » Ururu Tsumugiya appears in 45 issues.

    The silent killer trapped in a girls body, Ururu is quite, powerful, and fast when dealing with the enemy. She switches back to the silent little girl quickly though.

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    Appearance and Personality

    Ururu is looks like a girl between the ages of ten and twelve years old, but like the rest of the shop occupants that may not be true. Ururu has long black hair she pulls up into two pig tails that hang lifelessly beside her head and then she keeps two strands of hair hanging down in front her face. Because of her hair resembling insect antenna Jinta calls her Cockroach Head and pulls at her hair. Ururu dresses like a wall flower, wearing clothes that don't draw attention to her, usually a dress and a t- shirt. Ururu is a very quite individual and doesn't like to draw attention to herself while trying to be as helpful as possible. Ururu is very nice to people even Jinta when he is picking on her. When a fight begins, though, Ururu becomes even more focused and begins talking like a robot and attacks in very efficient, violent nature. During the fight Ururu becomes obsessed with only one thing, destroying the target.

    Involvement in the Series

    Early Story lines

    The first time the reader sees Ururu she is standing outside the shop trying to kindly talk Jinta into completing his chores. She is quickly the recipient of Jinta's anger as he prods her in the head with his broom. After Rukia calls off the attack Ururu is sent to retrieve the items that Rukia ordered from the shop. unintentionally Ururu brings Rukia a Soul Dispenser that is suppose to be destroyed and inadvertently begins the release of Kon. Once Ururu's mistake is discovered she is confronted by the rest of the shop she states plainly that she thought the box said "Detective Soul" and not "Defective Soul". Jinta quickly attacks Urur8u for her mistake. When Kisuke decides that the Mod Soul needs to be retrieved Ururu heads out with the rest of the shop on a mission to gather Kon.

    Spirits Are Among Us

    Ururu shops up at the taping of Don Kanoji's show "Spontaneous Trips to Spiritual Hot Springs" with Kisuke and the others because she is a fan of the series. She has to run with the others though when Ichigo and Rukia start a scene that results in the show's security trying to arrest them.

    Battle of the Rubicon

    When Uryu starts a battle of skill and power against Ichigo Ururu joins the rest of the shop occupants in coming to their aid. Ururu and the others attack the remaining Hollows while Uryu and Ichigo go after the Menos Grande that has stepped out of Hueco Mundo and into our world.

    Broken Coda and Ichigo's Training

    After Kisuke and Tessai bring Ichigo back to health and get his spirit wounds healed he has to begin an intensive training program. The first phase is a match up between the depowered Ichigo and Ururu. The fight starts out with Urur pressing the attack and moving a lot quicker than Ichigo could have guessed. The fight is very one sided as Ichigo points out after losing that Ururu "Beat him like he owed her money." Kisuke reveals here that Ururu was a sure win as she can fight at a Soul Reaper's level, making it impossible for a normal soul to beat her. Her purpose was not to lose to Ichigo though, Ururu's attacks were meant to drive Ichigo to a new level of power so he could move to the next phase. After Ichigo's Chain of Fate is cut Kisuke drops him down the Shattered Shaft so that he will be forced to grow more quickly into his Soul Reaper form. As Ichigo is falling Kisuke points out the fact that the shaft is rather deep and Ururu responds hat she spent a lot of time digging it. As Ichigo tries to escape Ururu and Jinta torment him from the top of the pit as they spit on him and offer him food.

    After the Soul Society

    When Ichigo and the others return home from their lengthy stay in the Soul Society Ururu is the first to spot them as she fires off the flying carpet that Kisuke has made to catch them and then return them home on. Ururu isn't seen again until after the second Arrancar attack starts as she tries to help Renji and delivers a world shaking kick to her targets head. The Arrancar eventually releases his powers so that he can defeat Ururu, he ends up impaling her on his horn as his true form resembles a humanoid bull. Ururu is later nursed back to health by Tessai as the rest of the shop wait for her healing to finish.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ururu is a very quick girl who packs a real wollop in her attacks. Physically she hits like a bomb going off as she is seen leaving craters in the ground where she misses Ichigo during his training. Ururu also shows herself to be deceptively fast as she closes in on Ichigo and the Arrancar with blinding speed after she switches to combat mode. Ururu is said to be able to fight at a level above a Soul Reaper and may have some hidden powers that haven't been shown yet as she is barely effected by Jinta's bullying even with his super strength.


    Besides just beating her enemies into submission Ururu carries around a multi barreled cannon that she fires from her shoulder with little to no effort.


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