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    The highly durable, mystical Asgardian Ore best known for being used to forge Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Uru is formed from the core of a dying star.

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    Properties & Characteristics

    Uru is a substance that is both stone and metal. Nothing less than the heat from a star, or the very forges of Asgard will provide sufficient heat to shape and mold the metal. It is because of this, weapons forged using this metal, especially those that are further enchanted, are highly resilient to damage. The most famous of these is Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Due to its incredible durability and resistance to damage, its ductility is impossible to determine, and it is unknown if Uru can be drawn into wire.

    It was Tony Stark, who first discovered this metal's natural affinity for magic. It has shown to be capable of storing vast amounts of energy, particularly magical energies. While not easily enchanted, Uru metal absorbs magic like a sponge, redirecting it and enhancing the natural attributes of its wielder. The enchanting process also dramatically increases its durability. Tony Stark's "Thorbuster" Armor, is fueled by Uru. This allowed it to channel a full blast of lightning from Mjolnir and the Odinforce into a blast from its Uni-beam.

    A symbiotic relationship between Uru and its wielder exists that allows for many astounding feats: a mystical user, such as Thor, can lend his own strength to the Uru in his hammer, thus making the metal stronger and more resilient.

    As a unique Asgardian element, Uru is extremely resilient and has an extraordinary ability to hold magic. As such it is primarily used to forge weapons for the Gods of Asgard.


    Uru metal is used as the primary component in several famous weapons:

    1. Geirrodur's weapon is a spear called Tordenstock. Forged of Uru metal, it possesses several mystical properties as well as being virtually indestructible.
    2. His father, the master blacksmith and weapons maker of the tribe, taught Geirrodur all that he knew. When his father died in a war against the Storm Giants, Geirrodur took his father's place. Among the greatest accomplishments of his reign was the design and construction of burrowing machines, that included Uru metal components, allowing them to dig into other dimensions. Geirrodur's machine has been used to create trans-dimensional tunnels from the bowels of Asgard into the very depths of the Earth.
    • The new left arm of Thor was forged from black uru by the Darwf Screwbeard of Nidavellir to replace the arm severed by the dark elf Melekith.
    • The body of Uroc the Unstoppable
    1. Uroc, then a Rock Troll in the service of King Grundor, was ordered to find his king a new weapon, or be killed. Uroc stumbled upon a vast supply of Uru metal, and used it to build a great statue. Transferring his consciousness into his new body of Uru metal, he returned to Grundor's kingdom to have his revenge.
    2. Uroc's entire form is composed of the near-unbreakable substance. Standing at least 20 ft tall, he possesses many mystical powers, including the ability to absorb and project lightning, as well as the ability to magnetize, and attach other pieces of Uru to his body. This form also grants him vast superhuman strength.

    Availability & Production

    Uru metal is unique to the dimension of Asgard. It is prized most by Dwarven miners and smiths, serving as their chief export.


    Uru's physical characteristics are difficult to measure, due to the fact that nearly all known samples are also heavily magically enchanted, making accurate measurements of its properties nearly impossible. Depending on the method or nature of the enchantment, the physical characteristics, more often than not, vastly differ from one another. Mjolnir, for example, has proven itself capable of withstanding immense force and physical strain (e.g. Channeling both the energy of the Storm and the Odinforce to dent Captain America's shield) while Uroc's hand was shattered (following exposure to liquid nitrogen) with a gunshot.


    Applying a permanent enchantment to Uru is very dangerous and should only be attempted by those of immense power, well versed in both the enchanting and crafting of the metal. Despite its incredible ability to store and harness vast quantities of energy, (especially those of a mystical nature), the casting of a permanent enchantment can cause the Uru to become dangerously volatile, and unstable. Often causing more harm than good. Although this isn't always the case, as shown by how Odin enchanted mjolnir without much trouble.


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