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Ursula represented Switzerland at the first Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs held in Geneva. The conference was attacked by villain Brain Drain who used his hypnotic powers to brainwash the various European heroes in attendance. Thankfully Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight was in attendance via satellite technology and aware of the attack but not susceptible to the Brain Drain's psychic offensive. Brain Drain had mentally enslaved Ursula, Micromax, Shamrock, Peregrine, Omerta among the various European heroes to attack and assassinate their respective countries leaders. Alpha Flight manage to stop them and stop Brain Drain.        


Ursula is a Marvel character created by Scott Lobdell and Tom Morgan and first appeared in Alpha Flight #108. She is a hero from Switzerland.  

Powers and Abilities

Ursula's powers are derived by her uniform. They allow her to fly and allow for energy and light offense and emission.   

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