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    Ursaring are a formidable species, with an extremely aggressive temperament. Being known to attack humans, as well as other pokemon, who venture into their territories or in general provoke them into attacking. Their pre-evolution Teddiursa, can usually be seen running to Ursaring for support and when they feel threatened or scared, as a way of protection, as Ursaring will often fend off any attackers form their offspring. And also much like Teddiursa, their favourite food is honey. Being a large and scary creature in the forest, Ursaring are quite often left alone and therefore misunderstood, as they only attack when provoked first, it is very rare for them to initiated the attack or fight. However, they are not to be underestimated, as when enraged they are lethal to the opposing party, with their claws, muscles and in general their power set being wide and impressive and full of powerful attacks that they can use at their disposal.
    They evolve from their pre-evolution Teddiursa at level 30. Due to the two pokemon being a of the normal elemental type, they can grow to have a vast and powerful array of different moves that are at their disposal. However, they often use moves that are to do with their claws and in the case of Ursaring, their strength.

    Notable Ursaring

    Paul's Ursaring 
    Paul's Ursaring was first seen in the episode 'Different Strokes For Different Blokes'. Where it had become enraged and was chasing and attacking Ash and his friends after they had become lost in it's territory in Bewilder Forest. After running from the pokemon, the characters exited the forest, only to bump into Ash's rival Paul, who in turn used one of his own pokemon (his Chimchar) to weaken the Ursaring, and then capture it for his own. After checking it's moves with his pokedex, he decided not to release the pokemon like he does with weaker pokemon he captures, as Ursaring was already very strong. Ursaring was next seen in the episode 'Top-Down Training!' where it was used to help Paul rescue his Chimchar from Team Rocket, which was successful. He was then seen again being used to help train Chimchar by Paul in the episode 'Glory Blaze.'  
    Ursaring and Paul were next seen battling Ash and his Chimchar, in the episode 'Chim - Charred', despite being obviously stronger than the small fire pokemon, and almost defeating it in the heated battle, Ursaring ultimately lost after Chimchar lost control of it's ability Blaze, and then defeated Ursaring. In the episode 'A Pyramid Rage!' battling Brandon's Regice, being paralyzed by Regice's attack zap cannon. Paul then gave up on his own pokemon as it couldn't attack, and let it be defeated as Brandon returned his pokemon and sent out Regirock to finish off Ursaring with stone edge. 
    The first time that Paul and Ash have a full battle with one another was in the episode 'Evolving Strategies!' and Ursaring was used in that battle. With the move bulk-up, it easily defeated Ash's Staraptor and Buizel before being recalled by Paul. When being sent out again, he defeated Pikachu, after it was paralysed which activated Ursarin'g ability guts, which gave it an extra power boost needed to defeat the electric pokemon. However, once again, Ursaring was defeated by Ash's Chimchar. 
    Ursaring was seen once again, in Paul's team of pokemon that was used to battle Barry's team of pokemon, the episode was 'Casting A Paul On Barry'. Originally battling Barry's Empoleon, Ursaring gained the upper hand, so Barry switched his pokemon for Hitmonlee, the match was very close, and after having it's guts ability activated once again (after having been burnt by Hitmonlee's blaze kick) Ursaring defeated Hitmonlee for good. However, after fighting against Empoleon once again, Ursaring was defeated. 
    Ursaring once again appeared very briefly in the episode 'Battling A Thaw In Relations!' along with some of Paul's other pokemon, Torterra, Weaville and Honckcrow. They were all at Reggie's house along with Paul himself.

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