Character » Ursaal appears in 25 issues.

    One of the multitude of the children of Thragg that he created by breeding with many Thraxan females.

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    Ursaal is a daughter of Grand Regent Thragg and an unknown Thraxan female, one of many of his children but one who has shown a pragmatic sense of duty in battle. She attempted to stop one of her many siblings who was torturing and massacring members of a planet they had just conquered, specifying the need for their loyalty to the Viltrumite empire. Her pragmatism may come from her Thraxan genetics which have shown to be a species that adapts and learns quickly. She is sent along with her brother to kill the young Grayson's family.


    Ursaal is a Viltrumite hybrid like Oliver Grayson and possesses all the powers of a Viltrumite; super strength, super speed, super endurance, the ability to hold their breath for extended periods of time to travel through space but also the adaptable intellect of a Thraxan


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