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    Uroc was once a Rock Troll in the service of King Grundor who was ordered to find Grundor a new weapon, or be killed.

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    Uroc was once a Rock Troll and weaponsmith in the service of Grundor the Greater who was ordered to produce a powerful weapon or suffer dire consequences. Uroc discovered a vast amount of uru metal and forged a massive, monstrous figure where he transferred his consciousness into its body through sorcery. Uroc knew nothing could harm his new form and drove the Rock Trolls from their homes and forced them to the surface world to attain food. The Rock Trolls would come into conflict with Thor where they capture him and take him to King Grundor. Thor escaped from his bounds and attacked the trolls. Grundor was left alone when the trolls fled from battle. Grundor told Thor that they were forced to the surface world by Uroc the Uru Monster. Grundor told Thor that Uroc dwell below across the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow. Uroc confronted Thor and Grundor when they reached his domain. Thor struck Uroc with a lightning bolt but the uru monster was able to absorb the attack and return the blast towards the Thunder God. Uroc also magnetized himself and Thor's hammer would stick to the palm of his hand. Uroc was forced to relinquish the hammer when he was unable to lift it off the ground. Uroc followed Grundor and Thor as they started to cross a stone bridge above the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow. Thor stopped in his tracks and baited Uroc to strike. Thor dodged the powerful blow and Uroc caused the bridge to collapse where he fell into the bottomless chasm. 


    Uroc was created by Tom DeFalco and Mike Mignola in 1989 and first appeared in Thor # 408.

    Story Arcs

    The Thor War

    Zarrko and his faithful Servitor would come into conflict with the Thor Corps when he had plans to use his radical time stabilizer to collapse all the time lines into a single entity. The Thor Corps which consisted of Beta Ray Bill, Dargo and Thunderstrike smashed into Zarrko's ship. Zarrko would open up various corridors of time to summon suitable pawns to dispose of the Corps. Various foes of Thor including Uroc would attack the Thor Corps. Uroc is blasted out of the ship when Beta Ray Bill hits him with a bolt of pure energy.     

    When Gods Make War

    The Norn-Queen, Karnilla started to amass an army consisting of several enemies of Asgard including Uroc when Odin underwent his sacred Odin-Sleep. Uroc and two Rime Giants named Glump and Kai-Ra would come into conflict with Volstagg and Hogun the Grim when they were investigating a series of attacks on some settlements. Uroc and the two giants quickly dispatched the Asgardian party and two members of the Warriors Three. Uroc would travel to Earth to free Ulik while he was detained inside the sub-basement of Ryker's Island. Uroc and Ulik would come into conflict with Code Blue but they teleported away once Thor arrived. Thor and Code Blue arrive in Asgard and help Fandral stop Glump, Kai-Ra and their army on the Rainbow Bridge. Kai-Ra reveals to Fandral that Uroc is with Ulik at the Well of Eternal Tears. Uroc would strike at Code Blue once they entered the caverns but he suffers a major injury by Mad Dog Rassitano. The Code Blue sharpshooter hits Uroc's hand with a canister of  liquid nitrogen and shatters his hand with one shot from his pistol. Uroc thrashes in pain inside the cavern and gets buried under several tons of rock and stone.

    Powers & Abilities

    Uroc is a giant being composed of pure uru metal which makes him practically indestructible and impervious to most physical attacks. Uroc possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Uroc can absorb various types of energy attacks and repel them back. Uroc can also magnetized his entire body to draw various metals towards his massive form.

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