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    An Adaptoid sleeper agent created by and working for Father

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    Urn was created by Father and is an adaptoid. His purpose is to find and retrieve any of the Descendants living among us. Before being activated and sent to retrieve a member of the Descendant's in Pakistan, Urn was living as a construction worker in Ashdod, Israel.


    Urn was created by Rick Remender and artist Gabriel Hardman and debuted in Secret Avengers #22.

    Major Story Arcs

    Urn is activated and sent to retrieve a woman and child in Pakistan who have used their Descendant powers. Father sends Urn along with Swine, the Ideal and the Origin to retrieve them. As Urn and his fellow adaptoids arrive as do the Secret Avengers with the same mission. Urn takes down Hawkeye and uses his own bow against Black Widow. Urn and the adaptoids flee with the woman and child however, Ant-Man hides in the leg of Urn's pants and returns with them. They take a teleporter to their city, the Core and bring the woman and child to Father. Father determines the woman is too far gone into humanity to reach her full potential and orders Urn and the adaptoids to kill her. O'Grady reveals himself and saves the child. Urn and the adaptoids catch up with O'Grady and beat him to death.

    Shortly after the rest of the Secret Avengers arrive to the Core and attack Urn. Urn is stabbed through the chest by Valkyrie as she and Black Widow escape with the child. Urn recovers and catches up with Valkyrie, this time draining her Asgardian powers. As Urn is about to impale Valkyrie, Venom webs the sword and whips it out of his hands and into Swine's chest. Venom and Valkyrie take down Urn, Swine and the Ideal.

    Powers & Abilities

    As with all adaptoids, Urn has the ability to adapt to his opponents and evolve to their fighting abilities. He also seems to have the ability to drain his enemies powers and add them to others he's collected.


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